Investinatlis Review: Atlis Motor Vehicles Investing (SCAM)

This review proves that and the company Atlis Motor Vehicles is scamming lazy people.

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Is Investinatlis aka Atlis Motor Vehicles legit?

Investinatlis is not offering a legit investment opportunity. Their website is currently soliciting funds from investors on the pretext that they have invented a ‘revolutionary battery charging technolgy’ and that the company is building electric trucks that can be charged in 15 minutes.

But wait.

Where are the big giants in the automative industry?

Where is Tesla, Honda and the Toyotas etc? Does Atlis Motor Vehicle want to say that they’ve invented a technology that none of the automative giants have ever discovered with their billions in research over the years?

This is the first red flag about the project. The last time we checked we found that 1 share of the company costs $15.88. The company is asking for a minimum investment of $254.

They claim that this is your chance to invest as an early stage investor in a private company. If you continue browsing the website, you will also see that the company is also ‘aiming for returns’ as fast as their 15 minutes battery charge time.

In other words, Atlis Motor Vehicle is a crowd funding project that relies on the investor to raise money for building a product.

The website is claiming that there are over 5,000 investors who raised over $12,000,000. The company has not even produced a single truck but investors are being invited to raise money every day through Google ads.

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Keep in mind that such a technology can be very expensive. To innovate and put it into use is a billion dollar affair. But this company is suggesting that they will do it for a few million dollars.

We’re still asking where the big automative companies are, considering that they could easily come up with such a technology, thanks to their financial muscles. They don’t need crowd funding or to deceive you into purchasing company shares so that a technology can be born.

If you’re ‘investing’ the $254, you should know that the risk of a loss is 100% certain. Even this document from the SEC’s website is warning you that the risk of losing your investment is very huge.

Why Investinatlis is a scam

To start with, the owner, Mark Hanchett has no background in automative engineering. He used to work for a company called Axon. Axon is a company based in Arizona and their job to create technology and weapon products for the military, police and civilians.

This company has nothing to do with automative engineering. This is where Mark Hanchett used to work. If you look at his resume, you will not find anything that is close to the technology that he claims to have innovated.

This is another big red flag.

The company Atlis Motor Vehicle is also operating like a typical ponzi scheme. They talk about the product, market the product and make people believe that this product exists when in reality, people are ‘investing’ in something that is not there.

The company does not even have a timeline for developing the product in the first place. However, they keep dangling the carrot on your face by talking of the benefits and rewards.

For example, the website of Investinatlis states that if you invest $1500, you will be entitled to tier 1 bonus and an additional 5% shares.

There are 4 tiers in total and qualifying for each tier needs additional investment into the company. The company does not state when investors will be paid these revenues.

Mark Hanchett of Atlis Motor Vehicle also thinks you are stupid and lazy. The website claims that the company has developed a pickup truck with a towing capacity of 35,000 pounds. This is on a 15 minutes battery charge.

The question is how exactly is this possible? An average truck (which is considered heavy) is between 6,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds. This pickup truck can supposedly tow 35,000 pound weight for 500 miles.

If you put it in simple calculations, we end up with at least 5 trucks being towed on a single 15 minute charge. Do you see that this is a lie?

To fool investors further, Atlis Motor Vehicle is giving special invitation to the ‘launch’ as well as free tshirts. This is baloney.

Atlis Motor Vehicle review: The conclusion

This is a typical ponzi scheme using the automative industry to collect millions of dollars from the unsuspecting public.

They’ve managed to fool the SEC into believing that the project is real but as you have seen in the link above, the SEC has said such an investment project is very risky as once money is in, getting it out may be next to impossible.

Well, it would be next to impossible if you request it from the website or company because this site is clearly selling a big lie.

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4 Responses to “Investinatlis Review: Atlis Motor Vehicles Investing (SCAM)”

  1. Note: The contact information provided is for Atlis Motor Vehicles if you wish to contact them. A rather long, but interesting comment about Atlis Motor Vehicles of Mesa that you may find interesting, from QAD.WISTIA ——–(Archived by administrator, May 01, 2022) (begin) Just a few comments from my observations of over the past 7 years when AMV began as “Volta Motors LLC, of Mesa (602) 309-5425” (Google it). Folks, AMV is falling behind, but you can still make a lot of money quickly as shareholders. They are attempting to go IPO in the summer of 2022. AMV was just able to cobble together a plywood-Styrofoam (R) truck to show for the latest crowd-funding rounds. It does not drive per expectations, cannot tow anything, has no operating windows, air bags, weather seals, turn signal steering wheel stalk, windshield wipers, proper windshield safety glass, roll down windows, air conditioning-heating system, compressor-air tank installation, inverters, SAE approved mirrors or exterior lighting, lacks tires and wheels that meet the load rating, spare tire carrier, has never been tested on a bi-directional chassis dyno or with an AMV battery pack.. So far AMV has never even produced a complete battery pack, (May-2022) they claimed futuristic, unbelievable specifications six years ago for non-existent hardware, have no charging pedestals, or have an electrical service entrance to their facility (currently 600A, 277/480V, not even 300kW) large enough to develop and test a claimed 1.5MW charging system, just to mention a few deficiencies. The XT Prototype has never been seen driving on the road at highway speeds or towing anything, its limit seems to be under 2MPH traveling a few feet on level smooth ground. AMV does not own a bi-directional chassis dynamometer which is necessary for vehicle and battery road simulation performance testing. No independent laboratory test have ever been conducted, on the vehicle, cells, battery modules or battery packs or chassis, no hardware has never been shown at a trade or auto show (May-2022) Virtually nothing on the prototype vehicle is an example of anything close to “production ready” it would never pass crash testing or SAE safety standards. As of May 2022 Atlis has never displayed any hardware at a symposium, trade show, seminar, workshop or published detailed specifications or independent laboratory test verification of any hardware. Any record of a customer ever riding in an Atlis vehicle has not been located. 30 patents claimed are just “applications” costing less than $100 to file and not requiring working models. AMV specializes in promotional videos that claim to be scientific tests that they have conducted. AMV claims to have generated between $1.2B and $2.0B in contracted commitments for XT pickup trucks, this is the value of “free, no deposit reservations”; there is no cash value. AMV claims to have MOU’s and LOI’s, for over $400M in battery pack interest but has never published the names of the actual organizations and has never delivered any product except for T-shirts and hats. They claim to have military government contracts for their technology but have never disclosed any details or documents. Their cell design is being surpassed by the BYD Blade Cell which has superior performance, cost and safety attributes, is currently in production and available to purchase and used in numerous vehicles. BYD has positioned themselves to make billions of cells, has production factories that cover 100’s of acres of land, 250,000 employees, has world-wide patents publicly available, and is becoming the industry standard. AMV is attempting to make a cell production facility out of 2 X 4’s, plastic sheeting and a shipping container, which is laughable. They seem to be on their 5th revision of their basic cell, the 4th revision of their motors and 7th revision of their 1.5MW charging connector with no real test data on any of these devices ever revealed (May-2022). Over 25 key employees have left the company despite pay rates in the 6 figure area. The days of an individual or small company producing a complex vehicle seems to be over. You may see AMV’s attempt to survive by farming out the body, cells, motors, drive system and other components to experts or buying off the shelf components. Employees that people have recently left AMV, include: Huda lmashhadany, Head of Energy; Eric Anderson, Electrical Technician; Kenneth Baca, Senior Firmware Engineer; Anirudh (Ani) Bhokarika, Mechanical Engineer – Battery Cell Division; Ching-Yen Chung, Lead Mechanical Engineer; Ross Compton, Lead Vehicle Designer XP – XT Program; Christopher Dawson, Vice President of Manufacturing Engineering; Jack Al Ferzly, Head of Energy and Director of Pack Development; Craig Trzebny,Director of Energy Engineer; Kishor Satish Gaikwad, Power Electronics; Bassam Raza, Senior Electrical Engineer; Devon Huck, Design Researcher & Materials Specialist; Keith Rose, Senior Mechanical Engineer; Michael Konstas, Chief Financial Officer, and Tamica Sears, VP of Talent, Matthew Wilkins, Senior Design Lead; Andrew Gwynn, Technical Program Manager; Chief Financial Officers Glenn Reese and Greg Hassler, Mark Nelson, Director, Robert Healey, General Manager of Energy; Director Of Operations, Demarco Carson; and Ishaan Puranik, Senior Battery Systems Engineers; Robert Mandrov, VP of Operations; more research will follow. Web information is gathered from Linkedin, Jobonom, Glassdoor, Myvisajobs, RocketeReach, Facebook, Twitter, Signalhire, Apollo, Lunchmeet, Xing, Bark, Doostang, WayupDOTcom, Wayup, ZipRecruiter, SEC documents, Zoominfo,, Redhired, Wayup, Ziprecruiter, Datanyze, Search4itjobs, Zippia, SalaryDOTcom, H1bdata, Theladders, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, Telegram, Pinterest, The Waback Machine, Arc.Dev, Grabjobs, Directlyapply, and others. If ever produced, AMV vehicles will not be cost effective, and be too expensive to be competitive. Watch for the next Crowdfunding Round, money is being made by manipulating the shares, by low, sell high. People have made thousands already. As far as actual hardware, the XT, XP, Cube Cell, 1.5MW charging, and 15 minute charging are all products that live in the computerized imaginary world of CGI. These are products of the future, and always will be. AMV losses have totaled over $133 MILLION See the latest loss figures ftom the SEC: If you are interested in current real EV engineering and on the road technology currently available visit the “Monro Live” (48,250,000+ channel views and the “WeberAuto (33,000,000+ channel views) … a final thought, you may want to visit AMV’ World Headquarters in Mesa to see what’s going on. (end) Inc: Thomas Edison in The Electrician (London) Feb. 17, 1883 said: “The storage battery is, in my opinion, a catchpenny, a sensation, a mechanism for swindling the public by stock companies. The storage battery is one of those peculiar things which appeals to the imagination, and no more perfect thing could be desired by stock swindlers than that very selfsame thing. … Just as soon as a man gets working on the secondary battery it brings out his latent capacity for lying.” REFF:

    1. Theadmin says:

      Thanks for your insightful remarks. is actually a ponzi scheme and a copycat of Okay? I would say is more legit than your Are we together? Or you want a detailed review with evidence of the same, ‘Mark Hanchett’? And I have a question for you. Why do you impersonate the real Mark Hanchett?

      1. No attempt to impersonate Mark, as the first sentence in the post declares. The contact information provided is for Atlis Motor Vehicles if you wish to contact them. Thanks for your efforts to expose this scam.

  2. Ron Waschefski says:

    Class action pending. Philadelphia: The Law Offices of Rosca Scarlato LLC are investigating potential claims against the board of directors of Atlis Motor Vehicles(NASDAQ: AMV) concerning whether the board breached its fiduciary duties to shareholders.

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