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GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. has an attractive website which also appears quite informative.

However, this is a trick that the broker is using to lure in unsuspecting traders.

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The safest way to trade the financial markets is to use a broker that is properly incorporated and licensed and even backed with outstanding reviews.

Invest-moment even provides all kinds of financial instruments ranging from Forex to Crypto, Shares and CFDs.

They also provide various account types for each one of the financial instruments where minimum deposit is $250.

The next account type is however suspicious because minimum deposit jumps to $2,000 and after this, it is even higher. also pretends to offer an excellent type of service.

They even claim to assist traders with various spread-betting strategies.

For example, they can allegedly assist you with trend following, breakout, reversal and even news trading.

They combine this education with video lessons, e-books and a beautiful Glossary area.

All of this is in vain as is hell-bent on scamming traders. tactics

As I have said above, they have a pretty website that attracts lots of financially naïve people.

They are new to this market but apparently this does not seem to bother victims.

Nowhere in this website did they highlight their regulatory information.

However, in several emails to their victims, they claimed to be regulated by the FCA.

This is obviously a lie as does not operate with any valid Forex broker’s license.

Their various account types have different minimum deposit requirements.

Some clients have reportedly transferred €10,000 to scam.

Others opted to start with the bear minimum of €250 or €300 for some account types, and the result was not pleasing. is using the power of illusion to attract traders and persuade them quickly to make a deposit.

It is not clear how such an unpopular website is able to attract so many victims within a short time.

According to, was created in Octover 2020.

Within such a short period of time, a couple of people have signed up and got scammed of thousands of dollars.

This has to do with their professional presentation of the service.

Some victims reportedly invested in excitement due to what the sales people told them about this scam.

They’ve employed some of the finest salesmen to deceive victims through email and phone calls.

The text on their website also sound very convincing as the average investor will think is a legitimate Forex broker.

Who is

There is no answer to this question as their about us page did not provide any meaningful feedback.

In other words, this broker is totally anonymous. Company executives are 100% mysterious.

My research discovered that the broker is keen on not disclosing their location as well.

They allege on their sales page that they are operating out of EU.

But EU is very big and if a broker does not provide a specific address, it can be difficult to trace them.

In fact, even before we get there, we should be cautious of the fact that the people who run are hiding.

How they steal your money

Instead of letting you trade your money (assuming you have a strategy), Invest-moment actually opens trades without your authorization.

As always, the scam Forex broker is going to trade in a way that suggest they want to make losses rather than profits.

This is possible because the broker is actually a bucket-shop, i.e. they trade against you whether or not you are the one trading.

They end up blowing your account and telling you that there is no money to withdraw.

Obviously this fraudulent broker has gone against the rules of professionalism by trading for you without your conscent.

Do you think they’ll honor your withdrawal request in the first place?

I believe such an arrogant broker would even block your account if you insisted on getting your money back.

It’s too tedious to get your money back

Like every other scam out there, Invest-moment will disappear with your money with no hope of ever recovering it.

This scam has been reported to authorities a few times but nothing has happened.

They’re operating in defiance like because indeed nothing can be done.

So your job is to protect your money and if you want to invest, you should consider using a regulated and professional broker with outstanding reviews.


There’s nothing to expect from as users have reported that they were defrauded.

Even if they offer an MT4 trading platform, they are probably offering a server that is rigged where trades will definitely go wrong no matter how you try.

Getting back your money from this scam is also impossible.

However, I believe that arming yourself with information can go along way in helping you identify and avoid scams like Invest Moment.

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