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Invest in NFT – What you need to know to make millions Overnight

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There’s a lot of money to be made from non-fungible tokens aka NFTs. It’s an emerging market that is showing huge potential. You cannot afford to miss out on what it has to offer in terms of investing opportunities and the returns that you can possibly make.

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Now, consider this — in 2010,1 BTC was worth $0.08, and very few people actually bought Bitcoin because they thought it didn’t present any significant opportunity to cash in, let alone imagining that Bitcoin would be used to pay for things. But today many people are regretting and wishing they could have just bought a lot of Bitcoin then. Unfortunately, this opportunity is gone and NFT is here now, but chances are that it will not be as easy to get in 4 years from now.

What is NFT aka Non-fungible token?

In simple terms, an NFT is something that cannot be replaced with another hence the word non-fungible. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is fungible because it can be exchanged with another Bitcoin and the end product will be exactly the same — a Bitcoin.

On the other hand, a unique piece of art is non-fungible because there is only one kind and even if you replace it with another, you will have traded it with another and ended up with a different piece of art altogether.

NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain just like ETH coin, Bancor, TenX, Augur and many other coins/tokens.

NFT is dynamic, so other blockchains can implement their own versions of NFTs. A good example is Tron blockchain which launched its NFT version called TRC-721 in December 2020.

Now, remember that NFTs are unique. So each NFT has unique identifying information such as ID and metadata that correspond to that particular NFT in the blockchain.

The most important thing to remember is that an NFT can be anything digital but the most common ones are pieces of art, music, video clip, GiF, drawing etc. I here even Tweets can be NFTs. A Tweet was sold for $2.9m in 2021.

This brings up to the topic of flipping NFTs for profit. It is an invaluable skill plus some luck also come into play when a simple piece of art sells for such a sum of money.

Good thing is that this skill can be acquired but before you master it, don’t go buying random NFTs as you can lose a great deal of money.

That said, and if you are a starter, this explanation will be sufficient. You might now be asking yourself how money can be made from all of this blockchain chatter, considering that many people still don’t understand blackchain fintech.

How to Invest in NFTs

You have a few options for investing in non-fungible tokens. I will list some of them and hopefully you can use this information to expand your portfolio.

Buying on the Blockchain

Acquiring them from the blockchain network is not as difficult as you think. Also remember that all NFTs are purchased using ETH because the non-fungible token essentially resides on the Ethereum blockchain.

Making the purchase will increase its value over time as this will reduce the supply of this Crypto art. If you decide to sell it later, you can make good money.

Buying from the marketplace

You can buy or invest in NFT from certain popular marketplaces. Some of those marketplaces also have their own tokens. If the price of their tokens increase, the price of the NFT will also increase, therefore giving you a fair chance of turning a good profit.

How to make money with NFT

Other than flipping them for profit, investing in NFT stocks is a good idea but you also need a good deal of experience to identify the appropriate stocks that will make you money in the long run.

I will not list the exact blueprint here but one of the things you need to do when purchasing these stocks is to evaluate the roadmap and try to determine how useful the stocks are.

For example, if it’s an NFT token related to gaming, you should put a few things in mind — the size of the community, the number of investors, whether the token has real world value and so on.

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The other approach is to flip them (buy and selling them for profit). Theoretically this is something everyone can do but in the real sense, you also need some experience and a bit of luck and patience to make money.

Some platforms have resurfaced on the internet claiming that they will help with promoting your NFT until you get a buyer. In my opinion, most of these platforms are scams. You’re going to pay for a service that you have no guarantee of.

In short, buying an NFT does not mean you will sell it or people will want to buy it. And also keep in mind that there’s no telling when a buyer will show up. It can take 1 day, a week, 5 years or forever. This is where experience in this kind of investing comes handy.

NFT investing is a big thing — here’s the evidence

This is an interesting emerging market. It has attracted the attention of wealthy individuals like Elon Mask and even big companies like Taco Bell, Coca Cola and many others.

Companies and individuals are spending millions of dollars on NFT projects. There’s no denying that a lot of money is floating around and that you can take advantage of this now to get your piece of the pie.

In Conclusion

Investors wanting to diversify their portfolio can take advantage of this investment trend. The popularity of NFTs has been increasing because people around the world are beginning to appreciate their potential.

Going in now (when it’s still early) is the best way to position yourself for the eventual success of this marketplace.

If you’re someone that is always on the lookout for collectibles, then this is a good opportunity for finding that artwork that you want to own.

If you’re simply looking for an easy to access investment option, NFT can be a great opportunity to make money.

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