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IGF Investment Review: a Scam?

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IGF Investment is a CFDs broker offering 45+ trading instruments which include Forex pairs, futures, Cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, commodities, stocks and indices.

In addition to this, offers several account types which include regular trading accounts, cash management account, 529 education accounts, pension plans and Trust accounts.

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In other words, IGF Investment is providing the services of a fully fledged banking institution in addition to operating like a regular Forex and CFDs broker.

This means that requires a brokerage and a banking license in order to continue providing these services within the law.

igf investment

The problem is that this broker does not hold any valid license from any financial regulator.

This is a red flag and the first important reason to consider when intending to “invest” with IGF Investment.

Actually, this brokerage might be a scam because of this reason in addition to others that we shall list down in this IGF Investment review.

IGF Investment review

They claim that the entity behind their website is known as Igfinvestment limited.

Igfinvestment limited is a company that is allegedly registered in Marshall islands on the address Complex, Ajelatake Road, Majuro.

On the other hand, some reports indicate that IGFInvestment is part of GRANIT OAK WORLDWIDE LIMITED group.

Known members of this company include and and now

GRANIT OAK WORLDWIDE LIMITED group is based in Cyprus which means that they must be regulated by the CySEC because the company is in charge of several other entities that offer financial and investment services.

Unfortunately, Granit Oak Worldwide Ltd Group is a suspicious company with no authorization from the financial regulator in that jurisdiction.

It has 2 employees only which begs the question of how legit the owner is and what their intentions are.

IGF Investment does not provide its services to citizens and residents of US and Japan respectively.

Moreover, Marshall islands (where they claim to operate from ) is an off-shore location that is infamous for hosting several unregulated and scam brokers.

This explains why IGFInvestment is not regulated and is leaving behind several red flags that raise eyebrows instead of answering investors’ questions.

The broker is advertising that they are offering Innovative power tools that align with investors’ goals.

They believe that their clients’ goals are unique and so these clients must find investment guidance that is equally unique.

Igfinvestment claims that they take time to listen in order to help clients develop and manage their investment strategy.

So far, the broker is not able to demonstrate what they claim to believe in beyond offering the popular MT4 trading platform which essentially all brokers should provide.

IGFInvestment review: their promises

They claim to offer competitive pricing and intuitive tools for trading.

They want traders to know that their company has employed staff with years of floor trading experience.

They’re also claiming that their company is running an STP trading environment where there’s no conflict of interest between the company and clients.

With an STP or ECN broker, orders are not manipulated as they’re routed straight to the market. It means brokers can only earn from the commission they receive because of the volumes traded.

A true STP broker’s aim should therefore to get many people trading as opposed to manipulating winning trades into losses so the broker can earn from the losing trades.

The question is; if IGFinvestment is not regulated, how do we expect them to be transparent with this?

They also claim to be really honest and transparent and that their services, from trading to retirement resources are based on trust.

But we’re taking this statement with a pinch of salt.

Every broker must tell clients that they’re transparent just to win their trust when the situation on the ground is actually different.

A harmful broker can actually invest in marketing and promotion and the content would be tailored around trust and transparency.

Algo Trading by IGF Investment broker

The broker offers algorithm trading for better precision and success rate.

They claim their software uses AI for that make decisions based on circumstances in the financial markets.

Parameters like price, quantity and time period are taken into serious consideration when executing trades.

It’s common for brokers to provide such robots but one thing you should ask yourself is; if indeed these robots worked, everyone would be a millionaire, right?

Effective trading robots don’t come with a free price tag.

Be wary of anyone peddling a free AI robot because it isn’t a real robot.

MT4 trading platform and account types

IGFInvestment offers the popular MT4 trading platform in addition to web trader and mobile trading platforms.

The mobile app can be downloaded on Google Playstore. However, MT4 software can be accessed on the browser once a trader creates an account with this broker.

MT4 is popular for its robust nature and compatibility with good expert advisors and trading indicators such as the ones we recommend here. 

Account types are as follows:

[tabs][tab title=”Mini Account”]Spread for EURUSD is 3.0 pips

Spread for NSDQ is 150

Gold and Silver is 50

Leverage: 1:200

[/tab] [tab title=”Classic Account”]Spread for EURUSD is 3.0 pips

Spread for NSDQ: N/A

Gold and Silver is 45

Leverage: 1:200

[/tab] [tab title=”Premium Account”]Spread for EURUSD is 3.0 pips

Spread for NSDQ is 100

Gold and Silver is 40

Leverage: 1:200


As you can see, spreads are higher than the average for most brokers.

It therefore means that trading with IGFInvestment broker is very expensive.


IGF Investment is an unregulated broker.

They offer illegal financial services just like,, Blue Sail Trading, Masdar Investment and others.

An unregulated broker cannot put your money in a segregated account as required by the law.

If they are unregulated, it means the safety of clients’ funds is not there at all and in case of any issues, clients don’t have anywhere to run to.


IGF Investment is potentially a scam broker.

The only good thing they offer is the MT4 trading platform. However, this shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when choosing a broker.

Therefore we ask you to keep off this broker and thanks for reading this IGFInvestment review.

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