I Really Trade Review: Larry Williams a Trader or Charlatan?

Welcome to the I Really Trade review. I Really Trade (ireallytrade.com) is owned and operated by Larry Williams.

Larry Williams (LW) is peddling stock trading and investing courses, webinars, “Amazon best-selling e-books and “exclusive Indicators” with “impressive record”.

If you buy Larry William’s stock trading course, you are supposedly going to be a success stock trader because Larry is going to give you his secret unfailing techniques bundled in the following format:

  • 5+ hours of recorded session with Larry sharing his stock trading experience in the last 53 years
  • 3+ hours of recorded session with Larry sharing his futures and commodity trading secrets for 56 years
  • Online access for up to 1 year
  • Trading indicators pre-programmed for TradeStation and NinjaTrader platforms respectively
  • In-person event with Larry Williams himself in Plantation, Florida
  • Courses in video format including PDFs manuals and presentation slides
  • 3 months free access to Larry TV

Also,Larry Williams of I Really Trade is selling two stock and futures trading courses for $995 each.

Promotion material on the I Really Trade website proclaim the following:

Larry Williams has been trading futures, commodities, and stocks for over 53 years.

LW continues to proclaim on his I Really Trade website that he has won many stock trading championships and is the only futures trader in the world to trade $1,000,000 of his on money in live seminars across the globe.

These statements seem Superfluous to say the least.

Upon reading these statements, I just wondered where to find these audited results for the alleged trading competitions? Can Larry Williams of IreallyTrade.com substantiate his supposed trading success using verifiable trading performance?

i really trade review larry williams stock trading and investing course

Furthermore, this trading educator has also made an appearance at CNBC and guess what? The show was about LW hawking his magical investment secrets.

It almost seems like CNBC is nowadays giving every other talker an opportunity to peddle their financial products on TV.

Topedgefx.com did a review on Market Rebellion by Jon and Pete Najarians and we saw how these investment charlatans were swindling thousands of viewers with their financial snake oil.

I really Trade is definitely run by an interesting trading educator and character. We should probably discuss who Larry Williams of IReallyTrade is and what he has actually done in the stocks trading scenes.

We should also try and see whether we can find a few students who can confess how the remarkable stock trading knowledge was imparted to them by LW.

Also, how about the Larry’s magical trading tools that know how to catch rising or falling markets without fail?

These two should be discussed.

But what is Larry Williams of I Really Trade?

Promotion materials on his website proclaim 53 and sometimes 56 years of experience trading stocks and futures while training thousands of students.

Perhaps you should find this quote from Larry very interesting:

In my MDC real trading seminars i traded 1,000,000 for three days in front of people..not all session were winners..but in about 20 sessions i made $1,000,000 and paid back to attendees 20% of the profits…$200,000.

The above statement surely sound appealing to the financially unsophisticated.

Some of his followers must be thinking that if Larry Williams can double his investments in record 3 days trading in 20 sessions, then he must surely be a consistently profitable trader.

However, I just can’t trace the trading results or audited track record associated with this event.

It appears that Larry set up a “trading results” page on his website but quickly deleted it.

Furthermore, Topedgefx.com has found that Larry Williams of I Really Trade has a long and sad history of swindling investors by convincing them to deposit money into his managed trading accounts.

Larry would then trade and lose half of the equity every year for 5 consecutive years.

In 1987, the owner of I Really Trade suckered naive investors into his managed trading accounts by showing them cherry-picked trades.

As a result, the NFA fined Larry for not disclosing the truth concerning his trading accounts. In 1988, he bounced back to the scenes, this time launching the Larry Williams Financial Strategy Fund.

In 1989, Larry partnered with Jake Bernstein and two other folks to manage World Cup Championship Fund.

Futures Magazine found that the 1988 Larry Williams Financial Strategy Fund lost more than 50% of the equity.

By 1990, the other fund had also lost more than 50% of its equity. More information can be found at jurikres.com.

Jake Bernstein, partner in crime

You must probably be wondering what Jake Bernstein has to do with I Really Trade.

Jake Bernstein of Trade-futures.com is the owner of MBH COMMODITY ADVISORS, INC. The corporation was accused of deceiving clients by promising profits and not disclosing the potential for a loss.

The NFA also accused MBH Commodity Advisors Inc in partnership with Jake Bernstein of violating 2 additional rules. The NFA stated that Jakes Bernstein:

  • Used promotional material to persuade investors that futures trading was ideal for all persons
  • Used hypothetical results while failing to publish disclaimers

Jake Bernstein is a buddy of Larry Williams of I really trade, so it’s easy to see why both are receiving the attention of the NFA for all the wrong reasons.


I don’t know about you but I would not trust someone with an awful track record as Larry Williams of I Really Trade.

It would also be extremely daunting to think that a buddy of Jakes Bernstein would be honest and transparent with his clients’ money.

This is basically a failed trading educator who found a lucrative niche in selling stock trading and investing e-books, indicators and webinars.

The 1987 contest where Larry Williams was trading in front of an audience for 3 days was won by a fluke.

Repeating those results in the long term is not possible and LW of I Really Trade knows this very well.

Thank you for reading this I Really Trade review. I look forward to your comments.

  • You are right ! no one should trust these characters .
    However the first question one should ask is this:
    “if they make so much with trading why they try to sell you their courses?”