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HobitalFxTrade Review: Another Investment Scam from England

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In this HobitalFxTrade review, we prove to you that the broker whose website is found at is a scam.

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Is HobitalFxTrade a legit broker?

No, the website ( cannot be legitimate because it is obviously breaching the laws and regulations governing companies that provide financial services.

As we write this review, the broker is in the backlist of UK’s financial regulator. The FCA is the financial regulator in the United Kingdom and they are warning people not to transact any business with HobitalFxTrade because it is extremely risky.

The website is claiming to offer a trusted and secure trading platform but this is not true at all.

This type of service is regulated in the UK but HobitalFxTrade does not have the authorization of the FCA to provide these services to UK residents.

The problem with an unregulated company is that it will not follow the industry’s practices, and thus consumers are likely to lose their money.

As an investor, you are relying on unlicensed financial advisors to make decisions for you. This is how risky it gets.

Are your funds safe with HobitalFxTrade?

Funds are not safe with this shady investment broker. As a matter of fact, this company is not registered anywhere. They are operating anonymously.

We feel that this anonymous financial services company is deterrmined to steal from consumers before it can go under.

And when this happens, consumers will not be entitled to any compesation because this company is clearly a scam.

Therefore your funds are not safe. As a matter of fact, they cannot keep your funds any safe.

Hobital Fx Trade Review: The Conclusion

Avoid HobitalFxTrade scam at all cost because they are not a genuine broker. This company is suspicious in the way it conducts its operations. It does not bother them when they illegally target citizens of other countries.

The good news is that you can now RECOVER YOUR LOST FUNDS by following advice on this page.

Thanks for reading this review and remember to share widely.

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