Gold Signals App Review: Is a Scam?

Welcome to the Gold Signals App review.

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Gold Signals app provides trading signals for currencies, precious metals, indices, energies, stock and Crypto.

The official website of Gold Signals app ( is providing 3 types of signals; trading signals, Golden Line signal and Range signal respectively.

They claim that their company’s analysts are always delivering videos, fundamental analysis and technical analysis reports as per the weekly charts.

The signal vendor is currently providing 2 subscription plans. These include lite and premium packages respectively.

They promise to exceed traders’ satisfaction by providing the most dynamic and complete resources to get traders prepared in the world of online trading.

Support is provided between Sunday to Thursday 9am to 5.30 pm UAE time. In addition to this, Gold Signals app is sending out news, market updates and advice.

Gold Signals App review

They believe that with more information at your fingertips, traders will be sufficientlyĀ  guided in their trading activities.

Today, we shall provide a complete analysis of the Gold Signals app in this eye-opening review, letting you know whether or not this is really worth your time and money.

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Gold Signals app review

This app is presented by Hasan Almarzooqi who is also the CEO of Gold Signals Solutions. Hasan claims to have an extensive experience in the trading industry

His “extensive experience” was allegedly acquired from trading as a wealth manager, senior-level technical analyst and asset allocation expert.

Hasan wants traders to know that his experience is as a result of his long-term relationship with his clients.

How we wish these clients could come out in the open to describe how it’s like to have Hasan trading funds for them.

He claims that Gold Signals app was created to support everyone interested in trading.

The app provides quality and highly accurate live trading signals which Hasan believes will help conquer your trading in the financial markets.

Hasan of Gold Signals app is based in Dubai, UAE.

Gold Signals app overview

Despite the app being promoted as rich in features, it is surprising to see how cheap subscription packages go for.

We can’t believe that a seemingly good app for live trading signals can go for $20 per month.

The app is allegedly diverse and robust with features such as chat functionality to connect with other signal providers and consultancy through email is also provided.

In addition to this, Goldsignals website claims to provide free online training, video lectures and regular signal performance report.

We’re still mesmerized at how a signal provider can truly offer all of the features mentioned on the sales page for 20 USD per month.

Is this even possible? Does this low cost make any sense compared to the amount of work that will be involved to fulfill these promises?

This seems a little bit too good to be true, which is why this app still can’t make it in our list of the most recommended trading resources for Forex.

Besides this, Gold Signals website claims that they’re totally transparent and are leveraging on the use of advanced technology in order to meet the expectations of subscribers.

After reading through all of this marketing fluff, we sought to find out what trading strategy was involved in the Gold Signals app.

Trading strategy of Gold Signals app

The creator of this app does not disclose their trading approach to customers.

This is a huge mistake as they should be looking to complete their features with a statement showing how they spot trading opportunities in the financial markets.

Their approach is rather common in the trading signals market place.

We see this approach with our most recent reviews of signals provides such as Suisse Trading, Megalodon Trading and many others.

In addition to this, the signal provider is not providing us with information regarding the frequency with which signals are usually sent to customers or the exact pairs that they’re trading.

Trading performance

Throughout the website of this app, they mention trading performance reports but when we search for them, we find none.

On top of this, the vendor does not provide any verified trading performance to back their story. So it is very difficult to believe their app.

Gold Signals app reviews

The Google play platform has reviews from people who claim to be regular users of this trading app.

There are mixed reviews from different users. GoldSignals should not be confused with as the two are different services.

Despite the positive reviews, we see only a few number of words in these positive reviews.

However, the negative sentiments are coming from people who express their frustrations using many words.

When you see this kind of thing, it usually means that the positive reviews are fabricated.

We cannot tell for sure but we also don’t want to give them the benefit of doubt.


Since Gold Signals app lacks what we are looking for, we won’t recommend it.

It would have been kind enough to provide an overview of their trading strategy, the people who conduct trading and their performance too.

None of this information can be found on the sales page of

Thanks for reading this Gold Signals app review. We would like to hear your feedback.

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  1. Whatisit says:

    The only scam here is this site. DO you guys ever respond to your contact form?

  2. Ferlo says:

    Gold signals application is the best They have 4 branch Download gold Signals application

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