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Fxfinest is a Forex broker that offers shares, CFDs, indices and Cryptocurrencies for trading.

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This FX Finest review proves that this broker is a scam just like Masdar Investment.

We start with details pertaining to who runs FXFinest, their location, reputation,, license and customer reviews.

We know that Fxfinest broker has invested in an aesthetically beautiful website.

Nonetheless, the FCA has warned the public that FXFinest brokerthe FCA has warned the public that FXFinest broker is offering financial services in the UK without their authorization, and is therefore a threat to investors.

Their trading conditions also seem to be very attractive but too good to be true.

For example, they’re offering leverage of up to 1:500, risk-free trading of up to x10, 100% deposit bonus and zero commission.

Their account types are as follows:

[tabs][tab title=”Standard”]Minimum Deposit $500

Welcome Bonus: yes

Personal Assistant: Junior Assistant

Risk-free Trade: x1

Training: Basic

Commission: 2 pips

Spread starting: 0.01 pips

Minimum Lot size: 100

[/tab] [tab title=”Silver”]Minimum Deposit $2,500

Welcome Bonus: yes

Personal Assistant: Executive Assistant

Risk-free Trade: x1

Training: Basic

Commission: 2 pips

Spread starting: 0.01 pips

Minimum Lot size: 100

[/tab] [tab title=”Gold”]Minimum Deposit $6,500

Welcome Bonus: yes

Personal Assistant: Executive Assistant

Risk-free Trade: x3

Training: Advanced

Exclusive Gift: Premium Gifts

Commission: 2 pips

Spread starting: 0.01 pips

Minimum Lot size: 100

[/tab] [tab title=”Platinum”]Minimum Deposit $25,000

Welcome Bonus: yes plus special bonuses

Personal Assistant: Executive Assistant

Risk-free Trade: x3

Training: Advanced plus session with analysts

Exclusive Gift: Premium and VIP Gifts

Commission: 2 pips

Spread starting: 0.01 pips

Minimum Lot size: 100


Standard and Silver Fxfinest broker accounts come with free trading signals as well.

In addition to this, the broker is offering VIP trading accounts.

It’s not clear what the minimum deposit is but this account promises superior trading experience with exclusive VIP benefits.

fxfinest broker review

Fx finest broker also wants to give VIP traders access to personal assistants with executive and trade analysts in the mix.

FXFinest broker claims to be owned and operated by MarketsPlus which is also another broker owned by a Bulgarian company known as Affinity Group Ltd.

Affinity Group Ltd is neither regulated by the local Financial Supervision Commission nor any other oversight authority in the EU.

To contact FXFinest, traders can use their email or use the company’s phone number +442080897671.

In addition to this, people can book an appointment to have the broker call them back.

FXFinest review

This broker’s website was created in September 2018 but are claiming to have won multiple awards in the years 2015 up to 2017.

One classic example is when they claimed to have won the prize for being the best customer service provider in 2015.

It’s obvious that FX Finest was not in business back then and so none of these promotional statements are true.

FX Finest broker trading platform

They’re offering MT4 and Webtrader as well.

WebTrader is the name given to the MT4 web version which does not require download and installation.

The MT4 platform comes with a number of free trading indicators plus many developers have created automated trading strategies specifically for the MT4 platform.

In addition to this, traders who would like to use the desktop version can download it directly from the FXFinest broker’s website.

With the variety of charting capabilities, tools and customization options, any broker can setup business and run the MT4 trading platform because it’s currently the most popular followed by cTrader and others.

FXFinest review: Trading conditions

They claim that spreads start from 30 pips and minimum lot size is 100.

We’re not sure whether this is a typing error or something that was done intentionally.

The two above statements make no sense and it definitely looks like the broker has not spared time to take a second look at their website.

Either way, this is a red flag. It makes us wonder what would happen if you risked opening an account with the minimum deposit of $500.

Broker not regulated

This is the worst thing that can ever happen to any broker who intends to run an unregulated business.

Lack of a license is often a sign that the broker has some other intentions.

This broker should have been registered with the FCA or any other governing body since they claim to operate in the EU.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case.

Besides, the broker’s registration details are not clear. Although they claim association with Markets Plus, no one knows whether this is a verifiable claim.

The reason you should stay away from unregulated brokers like FXFinest, Raw Forex and many others is because they are risky to invest with.

They often steal funds of their clients. Money is never put into a segregated account, plus clients are never protected by any insurance in case the business goes bankrupt or disappears.

In addition to this, regulations ensure that brokers adhere to strict standards and ethical procedures of operation.

FXFinest lacks this license and therefore cannot convince us that they’re legit.


FX Finest appears to be a scam broker.

There are no reviews online to back their claim that they’re the best.

FXFinest broker is quite suspicious and it’s just a matter of time before they disappear with unsuspecting client’s funds.

You need to stay away from such brokers at all cost.

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