FXcentrum Review: Another SCAM Broker (Recover Your Lost Funds)

In this FXcentrum review, we will prove to you that this Forex and CFDs broker is a big scam that you must avoid.

However, if they’ve scammed you already or you lost money in another unrelated brokerage and investment scam, VISIT THIS PAGE to apply for chargeback and get your money back asap.

Is FXcentrum a legit broker?

Beware of FXcentrum because they are an offshore regulated broker. They are based in Sychelles.

However, the reason we ask you to avoid them is because offshore jurisdictions have weak regulations and the financial authorities overseeing Forex brokers never take any action.

As a result, brokers abuse regulations by scamming traders and investors. This appears to be the main agenda of this particular broker as we have seen nasty complaints against their service on the internet.

Is your money safe with FXcentrum broker?

There is no guarantee that your funds will be safe with this broker. The reason is that they are an offshore broker that don’t have a responsibility towards protecting your funds.

This is why they do not offer their services to countries with strict broker regulation like the USA.

The broker has an agenda to scam you, and they do not want to get into loggerheads with authorities. You can see that they are taking their safety as the number one priority and not the security of your funds.

This is how scam brokers like Fibotraders and Europa Trade Capital have always run their businesses and gotten into trouble with various authorities.

Therefore, to cut the long story short, this broker will not guarantee the security of your money, and you will be taking a stupid risk to deposit your hard-earned money on their platform.

Tricks used by this broker to rope you in

The broker is investing in underhand marketing tactics to ensure that they have a ‘positive reputation’ and that the truth will never show up on the internet.

If you look at reviews that show up on google search, you will only see positive reviews as well as various people recommending FXcentrum as a ‘good broker’.

Many victims have fallen for the lying reviews and have even signed up and deposited their monies only to realize the broker is a scam.

As a matter of fact, fraudulent brokers are lining the pockets of cyber criminals who run these reviews internet platforms so that their companies can be promoted.

Once the fraudulent investment company pays some money, they are free to write any positive review that the customer wants published.

Over time, the positive reviews start to dominate the first pages of Google. Meanwhile, the consumer who is always making decisions from reading reviews will first carry out ‘investigations’ and then trust the broker.

The next thing, the consumer will have deposited huge amounts of money, thinking that the broker is legit, thanks to the ‘positive reviews’/

The consumer will eventually want to withdraw his earnings plus part of his deposit. This is when a broker like FXcentrum will cause mayhem (if the sum is big).

They will subject the consumer to a silly withdrawal process. Ultimately, money will not reach the victim and no email replies will come forth.

This is how FXcentrum is running its business.

How to recover your funds from this broker

When they refuse your withdrawal request, you will obviously be frustrated because the company does not have a money back policy.

They scam you by trading against you or simply locking your deposit. Whatever the case, they can never return it even if you write them an official email.

So the best course of action for you would be to approach the situation in a professional way, and THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO RECOVER YOUR LOST FUNDS.

FXcentrum review: The conclusion

If you don’t want unnecessary frustrations, you should avoid this broker at all cost. They are based in an offshore location that is known to host scams.

Even if they are regulated, they will still frustrate you as we’ve seen many scam brokers who are even regulated doing bad things to their customers.

Avoid and thanks for reading this review. Please share with others so that this message can circulate widely.

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