Fx Vortex Review: fxvortex.net MT4 indicator

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FX Vortex is an MT4 indicator that produces “razor sharp signals” in addition to exact TP and SL levels.

The developer of FX Vortex claims that this indicator was developed with the most premium features.

They want traders to know that FXvortex software is a 100% no-repaint indicator.

Built-in alert feature notifies traders of new signals.

The developer believes that their trading indicator develops perfectly clear and legible buy and sell signals.

In addition to this, they claim that FX Vortex is a unique combination of the latest and most advanced technologies and simplicity of use.


This type of hype is very common among developers of Forex indicators.

Today we’ll be seeing whether the developer shall live up to his promises by proving that indeed FX Vortex is a revolutionary indicator.

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Fx Vortex review

First of all, the developer of this MT4 indicator is anonymous.

They’re not telling the trading community who they are or for how long they’ve been creating indicators.

For the community to develop trust and confidence, they should provide these details on their sales page rather than listing numerous reasons as to why they believe their indicator is the best.

So far, FX Vortex team has listed 6 reasons why they think their indicator is better than the rest.

They tell the community that FX Vortex is a plug and play indicator.

They promise to help traders save time while providing them with 24/7 support.

The benefits they’ve listed on the sales page are sort of vague.

The developer is basically repeating what we’ve heard about indicators.

For example, all Forex software developers claim that their indicators don’t repaint.

In reality, nearly all of these indicators modify signals after they’ve painted a signal on a chart.

Therefore, such reasons don’t provide useful insights into how a trading indicator works.

We need concrete information regarding how this indicator generates signals and why the developer believes it doesn’t repaint.

Trading strategy of the FX Vortex Indicator

It is apparent that this software is a trend-following indicator.

However, the developer is not providing details concerning how the indicator is opening and closing trades.

This means their trading methodology is not known.

Experienced traders usually seek these details before they can purchase a trading indicator.

I wonder how FX Vortex is intending to build a reputation if they can’t properly express themselves.

We’ve also seen that instead of listing down their trading methodologies, the developer is focusing on instructions that help traders setup the software for use.

FX Vortex indicator is providing 3 TP levels. Every take profit and stop loss level is connected to a color box on the chart.

Traders who want to purchase a license can do so for $27.

This is a tremendous dip in price since the developer is claiming that the usual price is $137.

We believe that the vendor is probably trying to boost their sales by making buyers believe that such a huge discount will not last for long time.

Trading results

FX Vortex indicator lacks concrete past performance results.

In fact, the website is only providing a handful of screenshots and a brief video clip of a trade sample.

That’s all that these guys have to show in order to “prove” that their MT4 indicator is effective.

In order to prove the viability of this indicator, the team behind FX Vortex should trade using it a few times every month.

Since they’ve been around for a year, providing trading results shouldn’t be an uphill task for the team.

In fact, they should be linking their Forex brokerage account to a myfxbook.com account.

From there, the community will see how the indicator has been fairing in live market situation.

We believe this should be the direction that trading indicator developers are taking in 2020.

While this might sound outlandish, the truth is that traders should never purchase an indicator which has never been put to test.

We shall be expecting the same from vendors like ForexAI trader, Signal Detector 47, Arya Trader and many others who are reluctant to show results from a verified myfxbook account.

Client reviews

There is no client feedback whatsoever.

However, another system by the name Vortex Trader Pro seems to be attracting reviews.

Since FX Vortex appears to be a brand new indicators, we will probably see feedback in the coming months.

At the moment, you can use this review as a platform for airing your views and opinion.


FX Vortex indicator looks okay on the charts except that the developer has refused to elaborate their strategy and trading results.

They somehow believe that these are not important when an indicator is priced at $27 only.

We’re also wondering why FX Vortex indicator is very cheap.

This could suggest that it is ineffective in trading since developers who provide the best indicators sell them for at least $100.

Thanks for reading our FX Vortex review. Please provide your feedback.

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  1. Shirt says:

    It does not paint zones nor
    Give any signals. It is a scam
    stay away from fx vortex

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