FX Robotix Review: Is fxrobotix.com Scam or Legit?

Welcome to the FX Robotix review. Fxrobotix.com is a website that touts a free “AI high-frequency” trading robot to internet users.

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FX Robotix is fast rising in popularity in terms of traffic that the website receives every day.This is mainly due to the fact that FXrobotix is promising simple to use trading platform, no chart-reading and quick profits.

According to marketing materials on the FX Robotix website, everyone can make money trading with their platform because it is super-easy to operate and execute trades from.

No disclosure of company or website operators were mentioned. In fact, FX Robotix is operated by people who are 100% anonymous.

Unless we spend time investigating the owners (no need to), we can’t establish who is behind this website or what their trading experience is.

Nonetheless, we realize that the domain fxrobotix.com was created in December 2019 and follows a common pattern used by the infamous binary options scams.

It is also not clear from the word go what this trading system is trading. We’re not sure whether it trades Forex or options.

Fx Robotix review

However, since the vendor is not providing information about currency pairs, we presume that FX robotix is a typical options trading system with the usual “click here to make automated profits” nonsense.

Before you even sign up for this trading system, we ask you to spare 3 minutes and read this FX Robotix review.

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FX Robotix review

FX Robotix claims that their automated trading system is based on HFT AI technology and that no manual chart analysis will be required.

According to the sales page, the robot is always monitoring and scanning big cluster of data to detect even the onset of even the smallest trends.

The vendor claims that markets are changing so fast that humans can no longer perceive this information with their naked eye.

The FXrobotix software or platform has a user-friendly interface and offers instant access to the global money market in 3 simple steps.

They also claim to provide “free access” to their HFT AI technology in addition to free assistance via phone and chat.

Support is allegedly offered 24/7 through company’s email support@fxrobotix.com. Also, since this website operator does not say where they run their business from, we cannot speak about their regulatory status.

Nevertheless, the footer of the FX robotix website makes reference to the CFTC and SEC respectively.

Websites that operate any kind of automated trading systems, claiming to offer some sort of ROI are required to have a SEC license.

If this operation is based in the US, there is no way to legally offer their service without first seeking authorization from the SEC. Unfortunately, they’re not telling us their location yet.

In addition to this, this vendor is open to accepting traders from specific countries and not all. When we tried to sign up, we were told that no broker was willing to accept traders from our country.

Since they are still in business, we believe that this is a deliberate move to restrict traders whose countries have a strict regulatory framework.

We also see that the sales page is devoid of useful information pertaining to how the software works. They only claim that this is an AI-based trading system with high frequency trading capabilities.

How do we believe that FX Robotix is being honest with its clients? In fact, we feel that this is your typical scam. Reasons have been listed below.

FX Robotix review: A free trading system can’t be profitable

Like BitQT app, FXrobotix is claiming to be helping traders make money free of charge. They want traders to deposit with their affiliated brokers and after that will gain access to their software.

This is not very intelligent because we don’t believe there are stupid people out there who can believe this too good to believe narrative.

It can’t be as simple as signing up and making money just like that. On the other hand, we don’t believe a developer can provide a good trading system for free.

So this is one reason why FX Robotix is a scam.

Ownership information not disclosed

Neither owners nor country of operation was disclosed in this website. FXRobotix is basically looking for gullible traders who don’t notice these tell tale signs.

In as much as you’re not buying this trading system, you are being asked to sign up and deposit your money into the bank account of some unregulated and offshore broker.

Now that ownership information has not been disclosed, it is safe to assume that the owner of FXrobotix thrives by hiding their ID.

This is yet a serious red flag. We ask you to avoid such trading vendors and their systems because they’re selling a pipe dream.

FXrobotix reviews

We love reading feedback just to see how good or bad a trading system is to real users. The problem with FX Robotix is that it is a brand new trading system and secondly, nobody seems to be using it.

At the same time, there’s a significant interest in the number of people who are using the terms “FX Robotix review” and “FXrobotix review” on Google to find more information about the system.

We don’t feel confident recommending a trading system that does not have any feedback from real users.


FX Robotix sales pitch is not convincing enough. They make it look like profits are guaranteed when in fact this is a basic buy and sell indicator with automation capabilities. Just like TraderPulse indicator, this one will lose money.

We don’t want to give them the benefit of doubt because it is obvious that this is a fraud involving a bogus trading software and an offshore broker. We ask you to keep off.

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