FX Pro Island Review: Legit or Scam MT4 Forex EA?

Welcome to the FX Pro Island review. FX Pro Island (Forex Pro Island) is an MT4 robot and a new trading product from a developer whose website can be found at forexproisland.com.

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The official website was registered in February 2020 and the developer is discouraging consumers from continuing with their daily “9 to 5 rat race” because they have a “solution”.

The owner of FX Pro Island EA proclaims that they found a way to “unchain” themselves from their employer and would like to share this secret with other traders.

This FX robot vendor is definitely sounding like a mere salesman as opposed to a serious developer.

In fact, most of the promotion material on the website is made up of marketing mumbo jumbo with no real insights on how the Forex robot works to help traders achieve the alleged financial freedom.

That is why we’re advising our readers to stick to our recommended trading tools to avoid disappointments.

FX Pro Island wants traders to know that the EA is programmed with “cutting-edge technology” and can automate profitable trades with an outstanding win rate of 74%.

The developer also feels that their trading bot is accurate, reliable and user-friendly because the owner supposedly instructed developers to make it super-simple to use.

Fx Pro Island review MT4 Trading Bot

Whether these statements are pure marketing gimmick or not is something we can determine once we see trading results.

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In addition to this, we need to know who the developer is, what their experience is and where they’re selling this Forex EA from. We just don’t want to be told that traders from the US, UK, Canada and all other countries can use it.

FX Pro Island MT4 Bot Review

Having combed the entire sales page for any useful information pertaining to FX pro Island EA, we feel that the developer has simply presented a sales page with too good to be true promises.

They promise consumers the following benefits which are supposedly associated with their Forex robot:

  • Forex Pro Island MT4 bot uses adaptive algorithm, working in real time
  • It’s a way to earn money easily, safely and from the comfort of one’s home
  • A super-accurate product and highly calibrated Forex EA that took a lot of man hours to perfect
  • Does not waste time on information about previous market fluctuations
  • Never repaints
  • Supports all major Forex pairs
  • Unique trend power detection and multiple trading styles
  • Highly profitable signals

There are many similar promises on the FX Pro Island website which suggest that this Forex EA is a sure way to earning profits easily. None of those statements can be validated with facts.

Furthermore, the developer continues to remain anonymous with trading or development experience not known. We feel that this would have at least boosted their credibility had they spent time to introduce themselves and let traders know their level of expertise.

At this point, we need to discuss FX Pro Island trading strategy and see whether we can get a break from all the meaningless marketing mumbo jumbo.

We already know that the job of a Forex robot is to buy and sell on behalf of the trader. We don’t need this information on the FAQ page.

FX Pro Island has already disclosed that their Forex robot uses “adaptive trading technology to follow the actions of the market.

We feel that regurgitating this information is no longer useful in this stage. So, does Forex Pro Island MT4 bot have a meaningful strategy to rely on?

FX Pro Island EA Trading strategy

With a solid trading strategy, we can determine whether a trading robot will make money or not.

FX Pro Island does not provide any details regarding their trading strategy.

Instead of providing this badly needed information to help traders make up their minds, they’re making use of vague information for the sake of filling up blank pages.

We’ve always had serious concerns with developers who write their sales pages in this fashion.

A few of them include Life Changer Bot, FX Robotix, Best FX Tools and many others who failed to provide insights on their trading approach yet continued to sell licenses for their EAs.

By claiming that FX Pro Island MT4 bot uses “next level trading algorithm”, the developer believes that they’re communicating the information we’re looking for but the truth is that these statements don’t serve any use.

We’ll have to look at the vendor’s trading results to see whether they stand a chance to even think of recommending their product.

Trading results

They’ve provided a screenshot of what looks like the vendor’s Myfxbook.com profile. At first, we were excited at this information only to be disappointed when we discovered that it was a mere screenshot as opposed to a clickable link to a real myfxbook account.

We would never consider wasting time on these “trading results” because we’re not sure why FX Pro Island opted not to provide a link to their myfxbook.com account.

We would be entitled to assume that Forex Pro Island stole these results from another vendor.

Otherwise, we see no reason why a developer promising financial freedom would not demonstrate the success of their Forex EA and yet they expect trader to purchase licenses.


is f MT4 bot is a new product with zero track record. Secondly, the sales page is just a sales page, no factual and verifiable information has been presented. The only reason the developer feels we should buy this Forex robot is because they allegedly used it to attain financial freedom.

We’re surely not this stupid. We have always recommended good trading products with a solid track record. FX Pro Island EA does not meet our criteria as the vendor is providing surface-level information laced with pure fantasy.

We would therefore conclude that this vendor is a con artist. Thanks for reading this FX Pro Island MT4 bot review. We want to hear your feedback in the comment section.

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