FX Condor Automated Forex System Review

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The developer of FX Condor Automated Forex System claims that his software is an entire Forex trading portfolio in one system.

They believe that FXcondor can give us trading action and potentially winning trades that we’re badly looking for.

The owner of FX Condor reassures traders with less experience on the MT4 and MT5 trading platform by telling them that this is a simple yet powerful plug and play system that will trade his signals on their accounts.

In a month, it can take 100 to 150 trades because it is automated. If this is the case, then it means that we’re looking at yet another scalping and failed system.

The owner of FXcondor automated Forex trading system has not disclosed their name, although they’ve claimed that they’ve been manually trading for the past 15 years.

fx condor review automated forex trading system

This can easily be confirmed by simply looking at the age of their website, fxcondor.com.

According to who.is, FX Condor website was created in October 2019. However, the owner maintains that he has been trading with this automated system for all those years.

I wonder why they’re making such a deceptive statement. Perhaps they wanted to create the impression that FX Condor automated trading system has existed for quite a while.

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We don’t think this will create any big issue as we continue with this review of the FX Condor website.

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FX Condor Automated Forex Trading System review

The sales page is quite long and to some extent cumbersome. I purposed to pick the most important details and ignore the rest of the marketing fluff.

The developer says this trading system is extremely profitable, consistent and reliable. They claim that FX Condor has a win rate of 75%.

The developer believes that a trading system that returns between 2% to 5% in one year is a boring trading system.

They claim that their FX Condor automated Forex trading system is a compilation of 12 separate trading systems working independently.

They believe that when one or two of those trading systems fail, the rest will recover the lost profits.

They also believe that many traders are better than a few trades. They basically believe in scalping. How they manage to maintain quality trades as claimed on the sales page is a mystery.

FX Condor is equipped with standard features such as Take Profit, Stop Loss and dynamic stops to maximize profits.

The anonymous developer claims that he has been trading with FX Condor on a live account.

This is hard to believe because in as much as they’ve written the word LIVE in big letters so as to stand out, there’s no link to the page where trading results are being documented.

FX Condor product details

It trades multiple Forex pairs. According to the sales page, this system can trade AUDUSD, EURAUD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURNZD, EURUSD, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, NZDCAD, NZDCHF, USDCAD and USDCHF.

In total, these are 12 Forex pairs. Based on this information, we don’t think the developer did any optimization for specific Forex pairs.

It’s quite common for a typical Forex product sales page like this one to announce that they’ve optimized their trading system to one or two pairs only.

This is quite different and so we really want to take a look at the trading strategy to establish where the truth might be lying.

In terms of what you’ll get upon purchase, the developer says you’ll receive FX Condor Trade copier for MT4 and MT5, a video tutorial, PDF manual and email technical support.

Based on the fact that the phrase Trade Copier has appeared on the sales page, we’re forced to believe that FX Condor the system is probably copying trades directly from a master account somewhere.

In terms of trading strategy, FX Condor website has not provided any explanation.

The only attempt to do this can be seen when they say they prefer to open multiple trades so that win rate can increase instead of losing trades.

I certainly don’t think this is a meaningful strategy. The fact that your taking many trades does not necessarily mean you’ll raise your win rate.

So this is just a vague answer to the question of what trading strategy FX Condor is using.

Trading performance

They’ve not provided any trading performance. They’ve also not talked of whether or not they can provide a myfxbook account upon request.

If this developer is claiming to trade on a live account using the system he is selling for $47, I certainly believe he can demonstrate his trading performance for his customers to analyze.

Unfortunately that is not the case. They’re only providing screenshots of the FX Condor automated trading system in action.

It’s quite a disappointment.


FX Condor automated trading system is something we cannot recommend. The sales page is simply full of fluff. No meaningful trading strategy has been provided.

The developer is selling license very cheaply and the question is why they’re willing to take peanuts if this software really works.

This trading system appears to be dubious. The owner needs to correct many mistakes including telling us who they are.

Thanks for reading the FX Condor review.

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