FFFA Global Investing Limited Review: Scam Broker (fafx.cc)

FFFA Global Investing Limited is looking for new traders with no experience of getting scammed so that they can take maximum advantage over them. The domain of this website (fafx.cc) makes zero sense, considering that the name of the website is FFFA Global Investing and not FAFX. The phony broker is using malicious agents who use Facebook pseudo accounts with the intention of sweet-talking victims into signing up for an account at fafx.cc. After showing them fake trading performance and profits, the victim would move to the next step โ€” which is sending money into the broker’s bank account.

If you’re currently here looking for a good Forex and CFDs broker or simply want to learn about this broker before you make any stupid mistakes, this review will answer all your questions precisely.

FFFA Global Investing Limited (fafx.cc) review

The thieves are offering you a supposedly legit MT5 trading platform as well as a collection of tradeable instruments such as Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Indices and Shares. The illegal broker is also claiming to offer professional, comprehensive and convenient trading services.

They would want you to believe that FFFA Global Investing Limited has won multiple industry awards. For that reason, they have a “company” history page with a list of fake awards. The domain FAFX.cc was created in January 2022. This is a website that is less than 6 months old. Its owners are anonymous as well.

The physical address is concealed as well. We suspect that the broker does not have a physical office either. They claim to operate the business from the UK but the truth is that they don’t want to disclose their actual location for fear that our survey team will eventually pay a visit.

You need to take these red flags very seriously because even if we want to think otherwise, FFFA Global Investing Limited and their style of operation is similar to that of a typical scam broker.

What to do if you have been scammed by FFFA Global Investing Limited

The broker is using under-hand tactics to get money from victims. When you deposit, there will be fake profits but withdrawing these “profits” will be impossible until you pay “tax”.

If you add them more money, they will scam you twice โ€” keep in mind they have your deposit and now your “tax”. Lol!

What you need to do is ask for a chargeback. You can start the process by utilizing the form at the beginning of this review or the live chat function at the bottom of this page.

The Conclusion

You must be sure that a broker like FFFA Global Investing Limited is not licensed by the FCA and is more than a high risk investing platform.

The owners are anonymous for a very good reason โ€” they’d like to scam you while maintaining anonymity as much as they like.

Avoid them and if you have had a bad experience with fafx.cc, please drop your comments below. And guys, please don’t say we did not warn you. If your problem is how to find trustworthy brokers, this is the list that can help you pick brokers that will serve you well.