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Fast Track Forex Review: Corona Lockdown Scam?

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Welcome to the Fast Track Forex review. Fast Track Forex is a trading school owned and operated by Hither Mann (real name Hirthaeprit Kaur Mann). She is also the owner of Fortune Academy!

According to, the website was created in November 2019.

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Hither Mann is yet another trading guru living in South France and also claiming on this YouTube video that she has been thinking about starting a Fast track Forex trading program for 3 years.

She is so creative and effective in marketing such that majority of her followers on social media believe she has the solution to financial freedom during this Corona lockdown.

Fast Track Forex marketing materials even claim that in 8 hours, traders with zero experience can complete the video course and make their first profits in less than 48 hours.

The owner of Fast Track Forex trading program even proclaims that traders need 1 hour every day in order to make money trading Forex.

Hither Mann allegedly has the best risk management strategies so you can trade confidently and safely.

As if this is not enough, she also proclaims to offer the best online Forex trading course.

Of course the website is filled with marketing fluff and no actual trading material or results can be found in the entire sales page.

fast track forex review hither mann

It also appears that most of her audience are male people who are desperately looking to “attain financial freedom” through the Fast Track Forex trading course.

This is exactly what Hither Mann proclaims to offer. In addition to this, she uses sexual appeal to delude the minds of a sexually-starved yet financially naive audience.

In one Facebook page, she claimed to have organized an event in London called ‘The Millionaire Mindset’ Workshop.

What was the nature of this workshop and audience?

According to Hither Mann, her audience consisted of Business owners, asset management fund owners controlling £2 Billion AUM and a few ambitious individuals.

One must believe that indeed Hither Mann is a really profitable Forex trader.

Does organizing workshops amount to being a successful trader? Again the answer is a resounding No!

Fast Track Forex review

What does Fast Track Forex offer?

In my opinion, this is a get-rich-quick scheme during corona virus pandemic!

Miss Hither Mann has a plan for the financially desperate. She claims that her trading course entails the following:

  • 26 videos and step by step training………..£1,997 value
  • The Panorama trading strategy………….£997 value
  • The Rolling Risk Management system………… priceless

You will get exclusive access to the most powerful and BULLET-PROOF risk management system in the entire world

The sales page coos!

Miss Hither Mann of Fast Track Forex even claims that students who take her course will get funding for up to £200,000 without paying her anything.

This must be an interesting proposition. You don’t pay anything yet you get funding at the end of the day?

Really weird.

What’s the cost of Fast Track Forex trading course? 

Well, she sells the course for £947 which can be paid in installments through PayPal credit facility.

There are allegedly “real stories and real results” from clients who have purchased this course.

The sales page has actually created a couple of “video testimonials” from people who claim they used this course to become rich.

Who is Hither Mann of Fast Track Forex?

Ms Mann proclaims in one of her social media posts that one of her students made 6% returns in one day of trading using her Fast Track Forex training program.

Of course I can’t verify these figures nor clients who allegedly take this course to make this kind of profit.

Ms Mann is an investment charlatan with a knack for online marketing.

Upon scouring the worldwide web to find missing links and put pieces of information together, I found out that Ms. Hither Mann has zero background in trading or finance.

She has a long and sad history of defrauding and exploiting the financially desperate.

Hither Mann of Fast Track Forex is almost always nonferrous. Looking at her past, one might think that she is a psychopath. Her greed for money exceeds what can be considered as normal.

To convince this financially desperate group of individuals, Ms Mann of Fast Track Forex uses imagery suggesting wealth and prosperity..,… a typical characteristic of con artists and investment charlatans.

Her marketing materials around the web is a spectacular show of helicopters, muscle cars, expensive holiday destinations etc. Basically, she is serving unlimited shrimp cocktail at the expense of a naive population.

She is even blurring out plate numbers in the cars she use for promotional purposes.

License plates on British TVs are never blurred out because there’s no reason to. Even personal car licence plates are displayed without fear.

I don’t know about you but for me, I believe this is a hint that Ms. Hither Mann of Fast Track Forex is basically renting or borrowing cars to create the image that she is wealthy.

As if this is not enough, your “trading guru” is an addict of cosmetics. Not only can you see this in one of her Facebook video posts, but we have also found out that she recently enlarged her breasts, did lipo and arse implants to enhance the appearance that the sexually starved male audience are salivating over.

Ms Mann was never and has never been a success trader, let alone a successful Forex trader.

Ms Mann used to work at Vision Express where she sold sunglasses and other things.

When she quit working at Vision Express, she become a “director” of various shady companies.

Ms Mann is such a good trickster that she has since removed her name from the list of people holding administrative positions in the said companies.

Ms. Mann of Fast Track Forex even tried her hand in property business where she failed terribly during a recession.

Call it karma.. According to certain sources, Ms. Mann used to exploit vulnerable property owners where she would swindle or buy at very cheap prices hoping to sell at a very high price.

Of course all of this fell down with a Thad.

Basically, this is the success story of your Forex trading guru. This does not inspire trust at all.

Fast Track Forex and Corona virus pandemic!

At this time, people are quite vulnerable financially and emotionally.

If you can promise them financial liberation, they’ll spend their lifetime savings not realizing the end results will be ugly.

An investment charlatan like Ms. Mann of Fast Track Forex has got the best marketing blueprint that works efficiently on this population.

She has found that this works well when combined with fabricated video testimonials of students who are allegedly making millions of dollars trading with her course.

Basically, tricksters like Ms. Mann are treating the Corona pandemic as a godsend opportunity.

In one of her Facebook posts, she even boasts of how starting her online business was the best decision she made.


The owner of Fast Track Forex was never a trader and has never traded any market.

She has never worked at the top tier banks or as a proprietary trading firm. She is just painting a false picture of who she really is.

Trading is hard work and every individual claiming to trade Forex should be prepared to produce their redacted broker statement.

The owner of Fast Track Forex cannot produce any because she has never traded profitably before.

The reason naive individuals would pay £1,000 for this course is because they got convinced through shady marketing.

Thanks for reading this Fast Track Forex review. We do appreciate your feedback. I’d like to read your comments.

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  1. I have not received any form of paperwork yet have invested $3,020. In FXfasttracktrade

    Told I earned a bundle and wants 20% commission before releasing my profitable trade. Not trade tickets no nothing to support. Is this website and my account a scam?

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