DNA Scalper Review: Is it Good Enough or Scam?

DNA Scalper is a Forex indicator developed by Karl Dittmann.

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It’s the best Forex indicator so far and this is according to our testing and trading results.

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Karl says this Forex indicator is good at capturing profits from short term trades, typically ranging between 15, 20 or 30.

He believes these numbers can quickly add up and make us lots of money even with an account of $100.

The developer wants traders to know that DNA Scalper’s algorithm is as a result of smart engineering technology which will make our trades precise, accurate and more profitable.

DNA Scalper review

We already know that this developer has created dozens of Forex indicators before. If you’re a user of indicators, chances are that you’ve ever bought one of his products.

The developer’s company is known as Karl Dittmann’s Forex Group and at this point, we don’t need to get into details of where they’re based at or what kind of development experience they have.

Copies of this indicator are limited. You can get yours here because we’re excited at the performance in our trading account and the way it makes our trading easy.

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DNA Scalper Review

This DNA Scalper review is as a result of a series of tests that we conducted on a live account using a free copy that was awarded to us by the developer.

The developer wants traders to know that technology, design and expertise are the core of this algorithm.

They feel that traders should know that this FX indicator is actually designed to resemble the human DNA and can store huge amounts of information which it uses to identify the start of trends.

It is also dynamic and can adapt to every market condition.

They say it works best on lower time frame charts like 5m, 15m and up to 30 minutes.

They’ve also provided us with a bunch of screenshots showing the DNA Scalper in action.

Most of the time we don’t trust screenshots of this nature because it’s easy to photo-shop and edit them to reflect the number of pips that was supposedly gained.

DNA Scalper by karl ditmann

We always want developers to use third-party statement sharing platforms because they’re more transparent and easy to analyze statistics from.

While DNA Scalper misses this point, there’s something about this software that makes it quite unique.

Besides the usual Buy and Sell signals that an indicator can produce in any chart, there seems to be a lot of work going on under the hood.

The algorithm is complex but the user experience is so simple and we also realized how time-saving this tool was.

The developer gives us a sneak peek of the algorithm by telling us that it performs several complex calculations in the shortest time possible to detect impulsive price movements which the naked eye cannot see in advance.

They believe that “slow-thinking” is the reason traders cannot see what will happen in the markets in the next few minutes.

But this indicator can see it once it makes complex calculations behind the scenes.

Once the DNA Scalper is loaded onto any chart, the user friendly graphic interface presents the logic of the indicator to the user and they can actually see what the software is thinking and what steps it will take.

This means a trader can easily pick signals from these lower time frames and execute them immediately.

It also means that beginners can use the indicator to trade any market.

On the other hand, intermediate or advanced traders can save a lot of time because analyzing the charts everyday is a practice that consumes enormous duration of time and can be boring.

DNA Scalper Review: Trading strategy

It’s obvious that this indicator is looking for scalping opportunities in the market.

I’m not sure how good it can serve those who are looking to swing trade the Forex market.

The developer says it works best in lower time frames but we believe the method of trading and strategy can still be implemented on higher time frames as well.

DNA Scalper strategy

Secondly, they tell us that the DNA Scalper is a trend following software. It processes data in its “brain” and uses this information to detect the start of trends.

Basically, we have a scalper that follows trends. However, since it adapts to the changing situations in the market, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact function of the algorithm.

The developer has not disclosed how the algorithm thinks or works. They’ve only disclosed the trading logic.

For us, our aim should be to implement whatever work they’ve done on the charts and see how well it can trade.

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Trading results of the DNA Scalper Indicator

The purpose of testing this software was to analyze the results and see whether or not this indicator is what it is said to be.

The developer has only provided screenshots of the actions of this trading indicator on their MT4 accounts.

But we can’t take them for their word and we have to verify this information to ensure that they’re not showing us cherry-picked trades.

We ran a series of tests and were executing at least 5 trades every day for a period of 20 days.

The win rate was roughly 78% out of 100%.

But in some days, the indicator performed better than expected due to certain market conditions that forced the algorithm to change the style of trading.

With a 78% win rate, we could move an account of $1,000 to nearly $1,600 in a period of 20 days.

This is what any professional trader will call outstanding results.

Of course there were some signals that lost us money in the process.

Nevertheless, the win rate was quite fair and our money management techniques were also up to par with what professional traders recommend.

By the way, for you to attain success with the DNA Scalper trading indicator, you’ll have to take money management seriously.

We’re not sure why the developer did not refine this feature to make it as efficient as the trading logic in its algorithm.

As a rule of thumb, you should never risk more than 5% of your account balance.

Whether or not you’re winning trades with the DNA Scalper, you should always remember that by not following this money management rule, you’ll always fail no matter how good your indicator is.


The DNA Scalper is a brand new product and so we don’t have reviews or feedback from users yet.

We’re among the first people to gain the privilege of testing it for free and we decided to write this DNA Scalper review to inform and educate.

We believe this indicator was created to take away the complex and frustrating part of trading and replace this with the fun part.

We’ve tested other products by this developer but they didn’t perform so well like the DNA Scalper.

So we definitely endorse this indicator knowing very well that if you use it with a broker that does not cheat, you will get similar results to ours.

Thanks for reading the DNA Scalper review. You can purchase a copy from this page.

If you have something to say, please drop your comments below.

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