Crypto Pro Tools Review: Is Scam?

Welcome to the Crypto Pro Tools review. What does the website do? They sell TradingView Cryptocurrency analysis tools and they claim they are for traders and by traders.

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They provide a bunch of trading indicators, coaching with someone called Tyson and customized coding of indicators if this is what clients prefers.

In addition to this, Crypto Pro Tools offers Cryptocurrency trading indicators which can be used for both manual and automated trading.

All of their packages are bundled with the vendor’s discord membership area, lifetime usage, one-time payment and access to one, five or 30 plus indicators depending on the plan you choose.

The developer does not provide insights on their location or where they operate this website from.

However, traders wanting to contact them can reach them through or through the vendor’s Telegram channel @CryptoProTools.

Crypto Pro Tools review TradingView Crypto Indicators

Since Crypto Pro Tools claims that their tools can improve your trading, we’ll provide a quick review of their products to let you know whether they’re a viable or not.

But we would have really wished that struggling traders try Bitsgap Arbitrage Crypto bot because the community has had very good results with this product.

Crypto Pro Tools review

The website of is very straight forward and professional.

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However, we would have appreciated it if they provided more details about their operations.

We feel that they lack transparency by not disclosing information about their team members and their development experience.

These worries are the fundamentals of a good trading product developer and we expect every vendor to at least tell the community who they are and what they’ve been doing.

According to, was created in November 2017 and we believe that this is quite a long time to gain sufficient ground in the Cryptocurrency trading market.

So far, we’ve not seen Crypto Pro Tools reviews yet. We don’t know why this is so.

Anyway, we’re also looking at their indicators but not finding enough information from the vendor’s website.

They sell the following indicators with their membership packages:

  • CryptoWave Pro v2
  • TripleTake Bands
  • SmartWave Pro v2
  • LazyTrader
  • MTF StochRSI Grid v2

Most vendors will provide a brief explanation of what their indicators do and how they work. Crypto Pro Tools has not provided this information.

The developer is linking out to TradingView platform and providing a list of Crypto trading indicators with no trading ideas at all.

This could mean that the guys at Crypto Pro Tools are just lazy and not really into marketing their products effectively.

For them to compete efficiently, they must provide details of their indicators and let traders know why they should use their products as opposed to their competitor’s.

Crypto Pro Tools review: product analysis

Since Crypto Pro Tools is as brief as it can get, they leave us high and dry. All they want traders to know is that they provide:

  • A bunch of indicators
  • Mentorship
  • Access to discord community

The first plan costs $149. It comes with one indicator. The second plan (core bundle) costs $299. It provides 5 indicators.

The other package called “lifetime member” costs $499. You get access to 30+ Crypto indicators, membership, future access to future indicators and the ability to influence what CryptoProTools will create next.

These two benefits are not present in the first two packages.

Any trading results or even backtests?

Crypto Pro Tools does not provide any kind of verified trading results or backtests.

Though we discourage backtests as much as we can, we sometimes look for them in case the vendor is too lazy to prove that they trade with their products too.

We generally don’t trust vendors who don’t put their money where their mouth is and CryptoProTools is one such vendor.

They don’t have any trading results. They don’t have backtests either.

Their FAQ page tells us that their indicators don’t promise success or get-rich-quickly scenario. This is all fine and dandy and we appreciate this disclaimer because at least we know what we’re getting into.

Do they have a demo to start for trial purposes even if it’s going to last for 7 days?

Again, this developer does not provide demo. Either they provide a demo or trading results which can be verified.

Failure to do so will mean that Crypto Pro Tools cannot compete fairly with the likes of Bitsgap. or Cryptoblizz for that matter.


We’ve skipped the feedback/reviews part of this write up because we don’t have feedback from any member of the Cryptocurrency trading community.

Crypto Pro Tools may have scored highly in our rating with a little bit of effort from the developer.

Because they neither provide trial nor verifiable trading results for their indicators, we feel that it would be a tall order spending any money on their products.

Also, we wanted additional details regarding how their indicators work. We just don’t want to buy an indicator whose functions have not been explained in details.

Thanks for reading the Crypto Pro Tools review. We need your feedback if you have used these Cryptocurrency analysis tools before.

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