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Crypto Managed Accounts Review: Is Tim Mai a Scam?

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Welcome to the Crypto Managed Accounts review.

Are you looking for a good investment platform or Forex broker? Here is a list of brokers and investment platforms we recommend for your financial success. is a managed account service for Bitcoin and Ethereum trading. It is owned and operated by Tim Mai.

Crypto Managed Accounts advertises returns of up to 10% a month in addition to promoting a Bitcoin trading system that has an alleged win rate of 98%. Sounds like baloney!

On his official website, Tim Mai proclaims to do things differently than the “hyped up competition of trading bots and signals”.

The owner of Crypto Managed Accounts even claims that he has 3 programmers who have “filtered out 95% of the trading systems that have passed through his desk”.

All of these statements can be found on the marketing materials of this website.

Crypto Managed Accounts tim mai review

The owner of Crypto Managed Accounts believes that no profitable trading system can be sold for $200 per month.

Tim Mai also proclaims the following on his website:

“We have multiple proven traders.”

“We only rely on REAL MONEY trading accounts!”

“My traders manage money for the ultra-rich, consistently posting 30 to 70 percent in annual gains.”

“Regular accounts have max draw down of 25% while aggressive accounts have a maximum of 35%.”

Tim Mai of Crypto Managed Accounts claims that he has been trading and investing since 2000.

With the above statements, one would easily assume that Tim Mai has a really strong track record of successful trading.

In this review of Crypto Managed accounts, we will analyze the trading operation and help you make up your mind.

After all, the owner of this site claims that he is only trading for the rich not the broke. With this kind of arrogance, the financially desperate would think this is really a high-value investment operation.

Is Crypto Managed accounts a viable investment opportunity as proclaimed on the sales page?

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Crypto Managed accounts review

Tim Mai demands a minimum of $5,000 and claims that this capital requirement will be raised.

He also claims that he is about to lock out new investors from joining once he reaches a certain threshold of funds under management.

Investors keep 70% of the profit while Tim Mai and his traders keep 30%.

He claims to work with “underground traders” who are very skilled and are managing millions in funds.

The so-called underground traders have not been introduced and so they remain anonymous.

How are we supposed to believe this story if the people who manage our funds here are 100% anonymous.

The rest of the marketing material portrays a person who is so full of himself that he believes sounding rude is the best way to convince clients.

We saw this character in one scam that is purporting to offer profitable managed Forex accounts. The operation in question is known as Forex92.

To feign legitimacy, the owner of Crypto Managed accounts also claims that he is in the habit of turning away numerous wannabee traders who present garbage robots and trading systems.

The wordy sales page does not explain the trading strategy quite well although all other aspects of this service are covered in what looks like marketing fluff.

Tim Mai also claims to fund traders if they’re good at what they do.

The process of vetting traders is not clearly explained other than Tim claiming that he is ripping off 99.9% of those trader’s track record.

This is a vague statement as it does not give us a good impression of what exactly is considered during vetting of these traders.

At this point in time, I would like to shift focus towards trading performance because Crypto Managed accounts claims they’re managing funds for rich investors

Trading systems and performance

Crypto Managed accounts mentions 3 trading systems which they claim to use in order to generate returns for their investors.

These include:

  • The Provance Swing system …..4% to 10% a month   35% max draw down
  • The 98+ win rate system…………4% to 10% a month   35% max draw down
  • The Ethereum swing system………4% to 8% a month     40% max draw down

They claim that the first trading system never shorts BTC and is a low risk system.

The second trading system appears to use the same trading strategy as the first one. However, Crypto Managed accounts claims that it has low ROI but high win rate.

The third trading system trades Ethereum only and takes long and short trades respectively. No other explanation has been provided with regards to the trading methodology.

We found the statement below on the trading performance page.

NOTE: I don’t show ANY clients accounts. I self fund 0.1 BTC of my own money and watch new traders for a period of time before EVER offering them as traders to my clients. This account is the account you will see. Stay on my email list as I have my personal money in several new systems now and will email you when I open them up.

If Tim Mai can’t show us his clients accounts for proof of successful trading, then most investors would demand at least a track record of the trades he and his team have taken.

The performance page actually has a table of supposed trading results.

This table shows wallet balance, asset traded, date and trade type. This is all that Crypto Managed accounts can show for trading results.

With such a presentation, one cannot say with confidence that Tim Mai has provided trading results.

In fact, the authenticity of these “results” cannot be confirmed. They’ve not been audited by a third party either.

Yet Tim Mai of Crypto Managed accounts believes that clients will invest $5,000 into his managed accounts.


Besides not presenting credible track record showing the trades taken and the profits/losses realized, we also feel that lack of feedback from real clients is also a sign that Crypto Managed accounts is not a profitable trading operation.

Any investor who puts his money here is definitely doing so based on what the marketing material promises and not because of proof of profitable performance.

Thanks for reading this Crypto Managed accounts review. This service is a No for us.

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