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Crypt Fx Pro Review: a Scam Broker!

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Welcome to the Crypt Fx Pro review.

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There’s nothing much on this broker’s website in the way of truth.

If they claim to offer CFDs in Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies and options, they should probably be licensed to offer this kind of financial service.

Unfortunately, Crypt FX Pro appears to be run by a bunch of dishonest and creepy individuals.

They claim that has been around since 2013 but if you go to this page, you’ll find that this scam was created in September 2019.

That aside, they provide a Hong Kong physical address at

6a 888 Canton Road. Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong 58 Annfield Rd BEAMISH DH9 3DF and a telephone number +1(916)888-0978.

We were not able to verify whether Crypt FX pro broker is located on the said address and the phone number does not appear to work either.

Furthermore, the operators or entity behind the brokerage is faceless.

We can them “faceless” because they’re people who operate without identity. If that is the case, do you think your “investment” will be safe in their hands?

It should probably be known that transferring money from your bank account to that of is the worst thing you’ll do.

That will be the last time you see your money.

With so many red flags, we can only write a Crypt FX pro review to warn the financially unsophisticated or those with money but are unable to think.

BTW, if you need a good broker who is properly regulated, visit this part of our website and sign up. 

The minimum deposit required by Crypt FX Pro scam is $500. You’re better off investing that sum of money with any of our recommended brokers.

Crypt FX Pro review

They want traders to know that Crypt FX pro is an award winning broker recognized by industry experts.

This statement is not factual because the broker is very new with zero online feedback or reviews from their alleged 1 million customers.

If they had these numbers, I’m sure their ranking would be pretty good. Unfortunately, Crypt FX pro website does not appear to receive any traffic.

So this automatically disqualifies their claim that Crypt FX pro has opened 1 million customer accounts. That is just not true.

They claim to provide the following:

  • Instant market execution
  • EA and cBot trading facility
  • Secure Crypt FX pro wallet
  • Variety of payment methods

They claim to provide over 250 trading instruments. However, since this is allegedly a CFDs broker, we don’t expect them to provide the popular MT4 trading account.

In fact, their website makes it quite evident that no MT4 trading facility is to be expected.

Crypt FX Pro review: How the scam operates

It’s not even clear how this broker is operating but their FAQ page can reveal details that we probably didn’t know.

They claim that their company deals with automated trading in Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, high tech projects, e-commerce, oil and gas.

Investors wanting to make money with this broker must “buy shares” from the company.

The company only accepts payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and in other Cryptocurrencies.

If you invest before 00:00 GMT, returns will be received in the next day at 24:00 GMT.

Based on this information, we believe Crypt FX Pro is a HYIP investment program or a ponzi scheme for that matter.

It presents itself like a broker but when you sign up, you’ll quickly find that there is no trading area whatsoever.

What you’ll find is a dashboard for depositing funds and cashing out.

Because CryptFXpro scam promises to trade funds on your behalf, they’ll tell you that you are not expected to do anything other than transferring funds to their account.

Indeed they’ll post “profits” in the next day but you should also know that these are fake profits or figures that are posted on your account to fool you.

A Hong Kong company registration is not proof of legitimacy either. If Crypt FX Pro is providing financial services, they should be licensed to do the same.

Unfortunately, this is just a scam which is why they purportedly provide financial services without any license.


CryptFXPro does not disclose ownership information whatsoever.

But they do expect investors to trust them with their own funds. This is something you have to consider a huge red flag.

Their modus operandi is to get as many naive investors to deposit funds on the platform which is basically to transfer your Bitcoins from your wallet to theirs.

Once you do that, they’ll gladly keep the coin and post fake profits.

If this was a legit broker, they’d have talked about spreads, account types, regulatory status, ownership info and so much more.

The way we see it is that this is a really lazy scam. They would have done a better job if they operated like the following brokers (which are scams as well):

Investing Capital, Raw Forex, FX Crypto Club, F1 Trade and many others.

All we’re saying is that Crypt FX Pro is an illegal and unregulated operation that seeks to cheat its clients instead of providing them with a genuine facility for investing.

If you have fallen for such scams in the past, let us know in the comments section of this review.

We’d also love to review any website that you’ve come across which you suspect could be a scam.

We’ll look at it and write a review to let you know whether or not it’s safe to invest with that particular site.

Thanks for reading this review.

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