Chartsky Review: Scam Trading Room for Futures

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A monthly subscription at Chartsky costs $250 and yet the owner has no verifiable track record despite launching the website more than a decade ago.

There is no trial and the owner of Chartsky is not disclosing his name either.

A proper internet research can reveal that the owner of Chartsky also have dozens of other website dolling all manner of “investment secrets”.

When you become a member of Chartsky live trading room, the owner promises the following things:

  • The ability to see actual entries, TP, SL and listen in as trades are called in “Advance” and managed live.
  • Ability to see strong support and resistance levels which are clearly marketed on a trading chart
  • Ability to see hidden support and resistance zones which are clearly marked on the charts
  • Access to webinars twice every month
  • On renewal, you receive a mechanical trading system which could be worth much more than the cost of subscription

The owner of Chartsky even claims that he is targeting between $300 to $400 take profit per position.

How he is able to come up with these profit figures is a mystery given that the profit one makes in any position is dependent on many factors.

Financial instruments traded on this live trading room include currency pairs, Crude oil, Gold, E-mini Dow, FDAX and E-mini NASDAQ.

Chartsky also claims that they’re focusing on Crude Oil and the E-Mini S&P (ES) but are willing to trade other charts suggested so long as there’s enough liquidity and interest.

Chartsky review live trading room

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In this Chartsky review, we’ll analyze the live trading room, the quality of trades and whether or not performance records can be disclosed.

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Chartsky review

Truth is, whoever owns or operates this website is someone who wants people to send him $250 so they can watch him “trade”.

He has refused to disclose his trading experience and is really determined to remain 100% anonymous.

His strategy is quite bogus. I’ve never seen a careless con like Chartsky. Even the most ridiculous trading schools such as Live Traders, Buyside Global and the rest have mastered the art of asking money from victims.

This one is not so smart.

Having said this, we deduce that whoever is behind this website is actually corny in nature. Thankfully, we’re able to fish him out.

We use special tools that snoop the servers where the IP of the website is sitting. If any other website is sharing the same IP and server as Chartsky, we will make an reasonable educated guess concerning the person who possibly owns

So who is this guy selling a trading product that promises earnings of between $300 and $400 per trade?

Okay, he is simply an internet hustler and a con man.

As we have pointed out before, he has a bunch of other websites on his arsenal.

I have listed some of them below for your viewing pleasure:


And many more…….

In fact, the owner of this live trading room is even selling a series of get-rich-quick indicators.

A good example is a website called Indicator Warehouse.

All of the above websites owned by the owner of are basically peddling get rich quick trading magic.

They’re either promoting an e-book or amazing trade setups that promise to make people rich overnight.

Chartsky’s other websites are focused on selling pet products.

A few examples include,, and so on.

I have no idea how this guy manages all of these websites because it’s clear he has more than 20 websites as of now.

So who is the real owner of Chartsky?

The server and IP identifier points to a person whose name is Erich Senft.

The question is why does this person go through the trouble of hiding their name?

I am not a professional investigator but I could find the real name of the person in just 20 minutes. So why do you hide, Erich?

By the way, my research landed me to a National Futures Association (NFA) page where I deduced that Erich Senft was a registered CTA.


If his products are so good, why is it that there’s no trial whatsoever?

Countless trading educators offer trials. This particular one gives a very flimsy excuse, claiming that free trials always bring along administrative issues.

There are no refunds too. Chartsky claims that they can’t take back their knowledge and so no refunds.

My question is what does Erich have to lose even if he gives his knowledge for free for the next 2 days?

For your information, nobody can learn trading in record two days and it’s not like this knowledge will help the person receiving it.

That’s why mentorship in trading can run for many months.

Because he has a zero track record of trading successfully, we don’t believe anyone can be ridiculously so foolish to send him his $250.

Truth is that this is yet another trading room with no proof of success. Stay away from this bozo.

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  1. Steve says:

    Chartsky is not Erich… Erich lives in Victoria Canada.. the Chartsky is run by a guy out of Florida. I know Erich .. that trader… software and techniques are not

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