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Cambridge Asset Management Review: Broker is a Fraud (

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In our Cambridge Asset Management review, we will let you know that this trading and investing platform is a scam.

If you have lost money to this broker in a fraudulent way, you can join other victims to file a complaint and get your money back within the shortest time possible.

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Cambridge Asset Management Review: not legit but a scam broker

This website is offering a platform where traders and investors can access a wide range of financial instruments such as Stocks, Crypto, Commodities and Indices.

The minimum deposit that this untrustworthy broker is asking for is $10,000 which is very high considering the unreliability of this broker.

The website domain has been around since 2004. However, it has only been in its current active form starting the year 2022. It appears that it was sold to the people who are running it now.

The broker claims to operate the business from London, meaning that Cambridge Asset Management is operating within the jurisdiction of the FCA.

They promise features like ‘VIP service’, tailor-made investment portfolio, training materials and access to an ‘advanced trading platform’.

In the real sense, this is just hogwash. The broker wants to make you feel that they are a premium service. Are they really a premium service?

This is not the case. They are just using this language to make you a victim of their scam. And this fraud is going to be costly due to the minimum deposit requirement of 10K.

Cambridge Asset Management review: not a regulated broker

This shameless broker is not in the list of any financial regulator. This means that Cambridge Asset Management is not an authorized CFDs broker.

The risk of putting your funds in the hands of an unregulated broker is quite clear. You stand to lose all your money overnight.

In the case of unregulated brokers like CambridgeAssetManagement, your money will be gone forever if you don’t involve professionals to file a chargeback on your behalf.

Unregulated brokers will trade against you so that you can lose all your deposit on their platform. They are bucket shops meaning that when you lose, all the money goes to them and when you win, they lose money.

As usual, a scammer is in the business of making money. So they will do everything within their means to deplete your account in a manner that looks legitimate since you place your trades and they lose money.

Any person would think that they made the wrong decision on that particular trade when the truth is that the broker is controlling your trades without your knowledge.

Other unregulated brokers will also steal your money right away. Once you transfer funds to them, they block you from ever accessing your trading account.

We currently don’t know which method CambridgeAssetManagement is using to defraud investors but one thing we are sure is that you will not like the experience.

Conclusion of this CambridgeAssetManagement broker review

Avoid this broker at all cost because of the risk that comes with using their platform. They can’t guarantee safety of your funds due to their unregulated status.

Don’t fall for their lies. Their website and marketing material is designed to fool people who are new to online trading and investing. In fact, the scam broker even has a standby team that will phone you as soon as you sign up and leave your phone number behind.

The job of this boileroom scammers is to convince you to transfer the 10k to the fraudulent company’s payment processors. When you agree to do so, your money will be gone.

Fortunately and as usual, our job is to enlighten you on matters related to getting back your money. If you got scammed, don’t hesitate to start here.

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