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CalcuxFX Review: A Cryptocurrency Scam

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In this review, we prove that CalcuxFX is a Crypto scam that you should avoid if you do not want to lose your hard-earned money.

However, if they have already scammed you, there’s a recourse. Just VISIT THIS PAGE to learn how you can recover your lost funds as your money may not be lost for good.

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Is CalcuxFX legit?

The offending url is and this website is not legit. According to the text on the website, CalcuxFX are trading Forex, Stocks and Crypto.

They allegedly have a team of specialists who are going to handle the trading. Once the trading is done, the website wants to pay investors 87% returns in just 1 minute 27 seconds.

The other investment plan purports to pay out 70% returns in 1 day. Apart from these returns being too good to be true, we find one of the investment plans rather weird as CalcuxFX is claiming to generate 50% after 983 days.

The question is this; if CalcuxFX can generate over 80% ROI in under 2 minutes, why do they need 983 days to generate 50% only?

Also, as we write this review, the website is blacklisted by the FCA. The FCA is the financial regulator in the UK and their job is to license companies that provide financial services to residents in the UK.

This platform is allegedly offering its services to UK residents without authorization from the FCA.

The problem with unregulated investment entities is that they don’t follow rules and regulations that govern licensed financial services.

As a result, many people tend to lose their investment when they trust unregulated platforms like CalcuxFX.

Are your funds safe with CalcuxFX?

Your funds are not safe in this platform. The website keeps lying about everything in order to gain legitimacy.

An investment platform that is not consistent with its statement is definitely going to steal your deposit.

Other than being an unregulated, the owners are completely anonymous. Add this to their lies and you will see how risky this fake investment platform is.

The Conclusion

Avoid CalcuxFX at all cost. This website presents an investment scam with the aim of roping in as many victims as possible.

Therefore, if you have lost money here, you should not hesitate to learn how you can recover your hard-earned money on this page.

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