Review: Is BTC Shield Scam?

Welcome to the review. What exactly does offer?

They offer a “Bitcoin doubling” investment opportunity. One would ask how Bitcoin can be doubled and the answer is very clear; BTC does not gain interest, “multiply or double” in a very significant way.

In other words, any website (such as claiming to provide ROIs as high as 60% in a short time are definitely intending to defraud you.

Even if you have no idea what Bitcoin is and how it can be used in an investment, you’d ask yourself how real Bitcoin doubling is.

According to BTC Shield’s promotion materials, there’s a team that is constantly implementing “unique trading methods” and the most “advanced trading technology” to achieve the alleged results.

This team is 100% anonymous and cannot be traced whatsoever. It is just a “team” because marketing materials say so. review

Furthermore, they claim that BTC-Shield is a fully certified and licensed company. This is quite interesting because for serious investors, we’re not looking at whether they are registered or not.

We’re looking at whether they’re legit or not. We’re looking at their location and whether they’re licensed by the financial regulator in their jurisdiction.

Since they claim that BTC-Shield generates ROIs through automated trading, we hope to see their past performance to be persuaded that they are truly generating money from trading BTC.

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BTC Shield review

This dubious Crypto investment website peddles 4 “investing” plans and claiming to provide 20% return which can be compounded 7 times in 24 hours.

BTC Shield requires a minimum deposit of $50 which we presume should be paid in Bitcoin.

The second package promises 40+% in 72 hours. If repeated, BTC Shield will allegedly generate 80% return with 72 hours.

The third plan promises 10+% and this can be multiplied by 10 to produce 100% returns in 1 hour.

Finally, the last investment package promises 60%+ weekly returns.

If this is true, we don’t even know why an investor would choose this plan when BTC-Shield can multiply their investment 10 times every hour.

Why would this website even have this option in the first place?

Why is a scam

The domain has been around for quite a while. Actually the anonymous owner registered it in June 2018.

The duration of the website does not mean anything. One can register a domain now and decide to setup a website 10 years from now.

Will this make them legitimate if they plan to scam people? Absolutely not.

Apart from the age of this website, we’re also considering their regulatory status.

It’s not like they’re regulated or providing authorized brokerage services to investors.

In fact, their claim that is licensed is a bit fat lie. We need to see their license number to verify it.

This is not available on their website. According to the map which they provide on their website, is based in the UK.

If we are to believe this information, we would ask them why they’re not providing us with their FCA license number.

Every investment company that opts to operate in the UK must be licensed by this financial watchdog.

Without this license, they will be running an illegal service for the obvious reason and that is to scam investors.

Even before we can go to this length, we need to ask them who the owners of this company are. claims to trade Crypto using an automated trading bot. Anyone trading for a third party must be a serious professional trader who does not see the need to hide their identity.

The reason hides the identities of the people in charge of their website is that they don’t wish to be known. This is a huge red flag.

Conclusion promises too good to be true returns and we believe if they were this “good in trading”, they would never beg you for $50.

If BTC Shield is not a pyramid scheme, it is an outright scam. Both of these two business models are fraudulent by the way.

We ask you to keep off this scam at all cost. After looking at their website, we don’t see anything that can inspire confidence in their “investment service”.