Broker Review: VICTORIA Capital Financial Trading PTY LTD

Victoria Capital Financial Trading PTY Ltd is yet another illegal brokerage offering CFDs and scamming people across the world. The “company” operates from and also runs a Chinese version of the scam at

This annoying broker’s “claim to fame” is that they provide “client protection”, Premium trading experience and advanced technology from a team of ‘experienced management’ with many years in the field.

Unfortunately, Victoria Capital Financial is just lying as their clients have no protection and it appears that this illegal criminal outfit is breaking multiple rules and regulations.

If you have lost money in either of their websites, learn what you can do now to file a formal complaint which could also lead to recovery of your lost funds.

VICTORIA Capital Financial review

The shocking details is that VICTORIA Capital Financial Trading PTY LTD is a company that ceased operations in October, 2022.

The non-existent company used to operate out of Australia and it’s clear that they have neither been registered nor licensed by the ASIC — the local financial regulator.

However, the brokerage is still using the name of this company to feign legitimacy. By doing so, the website is refusing to reveal the true identities of the people who are running the scam, and this is a big red flag.

The brokerage does not care which country their clients are coming from.

Usually CFDs brokerages will have a clause on the footer of their websites stating that they don’t allow citizens of certain countries on their platform.

And you are likely to see United States as one of the forbidden countries.

By accepting clients from the US and other countries from the “forbidden list”, the brokerage is heartily embracing crime with impunity.

This is what gets phony brokerages shut down and their owners fined — in countries like the US where regulators such as the SEC and the CFTC don’t give a fuck.

At this point, there’s no doubt that Victoria Capital Financial is actually an offshore brokerage that uses the name of a non-existent company.

By targeting US citizens, the people running the phony brokerage are putting themselves at risk of being arrested and fined.

The question is when and not IF.

Despite the facts geeting crystal clear about who this broker is, some people still make stupid moves where they entrust these thieves with all their life savings.

Additional red flags in the Victoria Capital Financial website

One look at the website tells you that these people are out for robbing investors. Their website is not professionally done. It looks like simple HTML file that was slapped on a live server.

The images are not inspiring and certainly the promotional text is generic as the broker fails to convey new information that traders possibly don’t know.

We also noted weird blank spaces which suggest that the website was done by an amateur rather than a professional web designer.

These sort of people entice investors to deposit money into the illegal platform so that the brokerage can “trade on their behalf”.

But folks, this is a red flag because there is nothing like a “financial manager” handling your investment or trading account.

This is just a trick to churn and burn your account and do away with you as quickly as possible. First and foremost, one would ask themselves who is the liquidity provider because the broker is clearly not a real ECN.

They will lie to you that Victoria Capital Financial Trading passes your trades directly to the international exchange servers. But the truth is that the broker is handling your trades in the platform using a setup that is best referred to as a “trading simulator”.

This simulator displays various assets and also gives the impression of a real-time price feed with liquidity.

A trader is supposed to Buy or Sell in order to make a profit/loss. Once a trader has their dashboard setup and ready, they only need to deposit some money to start trading.

On the other hand, the bucket shop brokerage is carefully monitoring these trades and manipulating them via special software configuration.

Many people don’t get lucky so they end up losing all their deposit in a very short span of time. However, one or two people may somehow “beat” the broker in his game and when they want to cash out their “winnings”, the broker will flatly deny them the money. This is where the story gets ugly, and people start to run around screaming how they have lost their deposit and “profit”.

Investors don’t understand that there was no profit in the first place. The profit is just on paper to give the investor an illusion that he is winning and making money. It’s meant for soothing the ego of the investor and keep him “trading” for more money. When greed kicks in, their deposit finally evaporates into thin air like fart on a windy day.

Wrapping it up

VICTORIA Capital Financial has no mercy. The treatment is ugly and no investor can like the experience even one bit.

99% of these illegal CFDs brokers apply the same old tricks to bilk investors. Sad thing is that the old dog never gets to learn these silly but costly tricks.

The allure of fast and easy money can be extremely blinding — making people pull irrational moves such as trusting a brokerage whose company ceased operations and the owners vanished in the thin air.

This is a day spent writing about a corny website pretending to offer trading services. There’s nothing good that can come out of these scammers.

Thank you for reading this review.

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