BRK The Brokers Capital Review: Stay Away from Scam

In this review, we will prove that BRK The Brokers Capital which is operated from the domain is a scam.

Chances are that you lost money to this broker or any other investment scam on the internet. If this is so, you should APPLY FOR CHARGEBACK ASAP because there’s no time. You will thank us later for being a help to you.

Is BRK The Brokers Capital a legit trading platform?

Don’t be fooled. This company (BRK Holdings) which is based in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines is obviously an offshore broker with no regulatory license.

Thus they cannot be legitimate in any form and shape. What we know about such brokers is that they tend to exist for a short time before they can sink with their clients’ funds.

These brokers also don’t adhere to the strict rules that properly regulated brokers have to follow. They have much leeway for stealing their clients’ deposits with no consequences.

To us, this kind of broker cannot be legit. This is the category where BRK The Brokers Capital falls in.

Are your funds safe with TheBrokersCapital?

Your funds are not safe at all. If you have deposited your hard-earned money in this broker’s platform, you have all the reasons to worry.

First of all, this broker’s platform is not transparent. They do not like telling us what account types they have, what commissions and spreads they charge as well as any vital information that we need to know before we can sign up.

This is a typical characteristic of a scam broker. We feel that BRK The Brokers Capital is an anonymous trading platform just like Fibotraders.

And we generally feel uncomfortable trusting such a broker with any sum of money, whether small or large.

Our tests and surveys show that this broker’s physical address is false (though they’re still based in the stated offshore jurisdiction).

Such a broker is untrustworthy and not worthy of handling your money. As a matter of fact, the financial reglators have said that if you deal with BRK The Brokers Capital, be ready to lose your investment because this money is sent directly into the scammers’ bank accounts.

BRK The Brokers Capital Review: The conclusion

There are many good brokers but this one is simply a no. Avoid them. They will give you unnecessary heartache because their website is full of red flags.

If you lost money to them or any investment scam, we still repeat: GET YOUR MONEY BACK and you will thank us later.

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