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Blue Sky Binary Review: Scam Blockchain Academy?

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Blue Sky Binary offers Forex, Binary Options trading and blockchain education. They refer to themselves as Blue Sky Binary trader university or academy.

In this review, I’ll take you briefly through the website and help you understand or at least make a decision on whether or not you should spend a dollar on this trading academy.

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The trading school targets newbies and intermediate traders. They’re providing a structured trading course where students will pass theory as well as live trading tests.

They claim  that these trading courses are culminating in the Certified FX Analyst (CFXA) or Certified Binary Analyst (CBA) certificate.

They want their audience to know that Blue Sky Binary makes professional traders who can grow their accounts whether in FX or binary options trading.

Binary options trading is quite controversial as some have likened it to pure gambling. Many established nations or jurisdictions have also banned binary options.

However, there’s no disclaimer on the website to warn visitors who want to partake in binary options trading. I’ve checked the entire site and found nothing except a risk disclaimer at the bottom of the site.

Additionally, Blue Sky Binary offers a blockchain course where students of all levels will be taught about the blockchain technology and the various aspects of Cryptocurrencies.

With a dashboard in place, Blue Sky Binary believes that Forex and Binary Options traders can learn easily and conveniently, thanks to the wide range of tools (indicators, price alerts, trade recommendations, volatility map) found therein.

Is Blue Sky Binary legit or just another scam trading school looking to cash in on naive internet users?

We’ll find out in this review but first of all, if you’re here looking for a reliable Forex trading robot, my advice is that you can take a look at this page for our top recommendations. 

Blue Sky Binary review

A simple Google search can reveal that the trading school is permanently closed at the physical address where they cite their location at.

blue sky binary services

The company was initially based at 6th Floor, St Georges House, 15 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London W1S 1HS, United Kingdom and students could call the number +44 7540 187313.

The trading school charges various amounts of fees depending on the course that a student wants to take.

In general, students expect to spend anywhere between $49 to $99 per month.

They’re charging a fee to access their trading dashboard which I don’t understand why. In addition to this, Blue Sky Binary is charging a fee to teach binary options trading.

Research has confirmed that it is impossible to make consistent returns trading binary options. This Forbes article suggests that binary options is an equivalent to gambling.

So common sense should make you ask yourself why you’re being made to pay for something that is clearly a scam.

The Trading Academy

In the trading academy, Blue Sky Binary teaches Certified FX Analyst (CFXA) and Certified Binary Analyst (CBA) programs.

They claim to teach both theory and practical lessons but first, their senior traders will evaluate a student to see their current level of understanding.

They proceed to teach Bollinger-band and candle-stick theory. They also claim that their proprietary Core FX and binary options strategy has taken years to master and fine-tune.

They believe it will teach students the latest cutting edge trading techniques.

To top it all, the trading dashboard is used for trade recommendations and access to trade indicators/alerts. A live trading room is also offered where the so-called senior traders will confirm and discuss trade setups with other members.

Students also receive a trading robot called Artemis in addition to a signal market place called Signal Hive. They want traders to know that this package normally costs $250 per month but they’re offering a discount of 60%.

6 months access costs $499 while monthly access costs $99.

Blue Sky Binary Blockchain academy

Students who want to learn the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general can take this course. The purpose of this course is to make students learn how to use and manage Cryptocurrencies.

Blue Sky Binary blockchain academy

They attain a Certified Blockchain Graduate (CBCG) title.

I have quoted what the course entails in the below paragraph for your reference.

The student will get to understand the background of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in overall, along with technical aspects of the core of cryptocurrencies – The Blockchain. They will learn about the risks involved with managing and using cryptocurrencies and take a deep dive into their essentials. After studying about the origin of digital currencies and what gives them value, they will also get to know various ways of how to acquire and store the digital money. To master the Blockchain Academy, the students will also be taught about the differences of various digital tokens and their purpose.

Who runs this Forex and Binary trading academy? was registered in 2014 but the identity of the owners have been masked. On their about us page, they tell us that they are a group of traders, financial engineers and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who wanted to create a transparent and profitable FX and Binary options trading community.

There’s no disclosure of who owns or runs this trading academy and so I cannot tell for sure why the owners have chosen to remain faceless to the outside world.

Maybe we can take this as a red flag.

Blue Sky Binary review: should you subscribe?

All of the things taught in this trading school can be found for free by just Googling the topic that you’re interested in.

Paying $49 or $99 per month won’t make any difference other than the fact that you will lose money and get the same recycled content that is available free of charge.

Another thing is that this trading school is teaching Binary options trading. It is not possible to become a profitable binary options trader in the long term for the simple reason that it is gambling.


$49 might not seem like a lot but the question is why spend money for the sake of spending it? I will not recommend Blue Sky Binary because they’re basically making money off naive people.

If you have a comment, drop it here. We’d love to hear your voice.

Thank you for reading the Blue Sky Binary review. We’re not after spending money on just about anything we find online, right?

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