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Blame Forex Signals Review: Is a Scam?

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Blame Forex Signals (BlameFX) is a Forex signals and market analysis service operating from this domain;

Blame Forex Signals is owned and operated by Jason Pellegrini aka Jay.

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Jason Pellegrini is also running a trading school at where he peddles Forex trading education in addition to a chat room.

Jason of BlameFX also claims that he has 7+ years in professional trading where he worked with both commodity and currency trading professionals.

Anybody can make such a claim on the internet. So we need to verify the authenticity of this information to ascertain the truth.

Blame Forex Signals review blamefx

Moreover, Jason Pellegrini looks very young. The number of years he claims to have traded the Forex market don’t just add up.

Trading signals offered by Blame Forex cost $99/month, $149/month or $299 per year.

The website for Blame Forex signals does not provide a way to contact Jason directly. No email or phone number.

This is quite unfortunate as most traders on the internet would consider this a red flag.

Every signal and trading education vendor must clearly publish this information on their website. But in the case of BlameFX, we just have a landing page with a video and an option to pay with credit card.

Blame Forex Signals review

The vendor’s website was registered in April 2019.

It does not contain a lot of information or text to read in order to get familiar with the specifics of the service offered therein.

The video clip on the homepage of Blame Forex Signals is basically showing the face of Jason Pellegrini pitching his service to traders.

The sales pitch does not have those flowery or persuasive words you’d expect from a failed signal vendor.

This sales pitch is rather basic. It’s not even a sales pitch. It’s that type of statement that a salesman gives you when he has already closed the deal and is expecting you to make a purchase.

So Jason Pellegrini of wants traders to hit the buy button immediately because he has two subscription plans (Premium and VIP) with the main difference being the number of Forex signals delivered.

He also claims that price will shoot to $250 if we fail to take advantage of the current offer.

The Premium signal plan delivers up to 3 signals per day and that’s all we can expect.

The VIP signal plan from Blame Forex signals delivers more signals but at the same time Jason claims that he will do market preview and analysis for traders.

This basically means that subscribers of this plan will also learn alongside the signals they execute.

That’s all he has to say about the Blame Forex signals service in the sales pitch.

He has not talked about his trading experience, background or past trades. We actually doubt whether this guy is even a trader in the first place.

Or to put it into better perspective, we wonder whether he has been trading a live account.

Blame Forex Signals Review: no trading strategy

This sales page is so basic. It was created for purposes of marketing and getting buyers rather than providing crucial information needed to make a purchase decision.

Normally, signals vendors even if they are a sham (like FX Profit Pips, Capital Forex Signals, Price Action Society, Price Action Forex Ltd etc) will always ensure that they are touching the surface of their trading strategy so we can get a clear glimpse of how they trade.

But does not do this. It portrays itself like one of the laziest signal vendors on the internet.

It promises up to 200 pips per week, a daily game plan and signal details such as TP, ST and entry with no additional details.

We don’t think this is the best way to market a signal service that makes 200 pips per week. In fact, this would have been much better if he provided trading results that verify this claim.

Trading performance for

There’s zero credible trading history to back the claims of Jason Pellegrini.

What he is providing as trading history is not even trading history but a bunch of photo-edited records of what appears to be a trading history.

blame forex signals trading history

You can clearly see in the above image that this cannot be accepted as a legit trading statement or record. It does not verify the trades taken or even the profits made by Jason of Blame Forex Signals.

This kind of deception is common even among vendors who peddle dubious managed Forex account services. One of them is 

The above is an important review that you must read if you’ll ever consider investing in a managed Forex account.  Hyenas are roaming freely in this industry and the aim is to bite a chunk of your bank balance.

Customer testimonials

Blame Forex signals has not attracted any customer testimonials or reviews.

The website’s ranking shows that they’re getting some traffic but apparently, none of these visitors are subscribing for this signals service.

We are making this assumption based on the observation that no one has written a review of BlameFX Forex signal service.

I’ve already given you a platform to vent out your anger and frustrations in case you’ve lost money to this signal vendor.

When you leave your review here, the world will also know and traders will be warned at large.


There’s nothing to say about Blame Forex signals because this signal vendor has failed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the signals they sell.

Jason’s trading experience is questionable. Lack of BlameFX signals reviews from real clients is also a concern.

Falsified trading history is one of the reasons we discredit this signal service.

For now, you’ll need to stay away from Blame Forex Signals.

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  1. I’m not a member of Jay’s chatroom.but I found he is telling wrong about his record.
    When a trade hits the SL, he record a -10 pips(for example)
    But when a tade hits the TP, he records 3 or 4 TP.

  2. Hi again.I’ve wrote a comment here several minutes ago.but i dont want it to be posted.
    Please dont post it.

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