BK Forex Review: Course, Performance and Trading Signals

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BKForex.com is operated by Kathy and Boris Schlossberg (no background info) who provide access to trading courses and strategies in addition to exclusive tools like Market Mapper.

BK Forex claims that their swing and day trades have a success rate of 70% and 80% respectively.

They trade Forex, Futures and CFDs and provide trade recommendations of the same.

In addition to this, BK Forex offers traders a chance to trade live 4 times per month.

Live coaching is held 3 times a week.

bk forex review

Their day trades target between 100 to 200 pips every month while their swing trades +150 to +200 every month.

BK Forex makes spectacular claims of their trades being profitable and how their training can be of help to beginners and advanced traders alike.

They offer a smorgasbord of trading courses, which is a pattern followed by charlatans who peddle magic Forex products.

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BK Forex is basically doing the same thing as Drew Day’s BaseCamp Trading, Online Trading Academy, Adam Khoo’s Piranha Profits and many trading schools that we’ve reviewed here before.

To become a successful Forex trader, it is important that you get proper trading and necessary experience.

We’ve researched the internet, interviewed many trading educators and settled on the ones that can prove their prowess in the game.

You can check our recommendations on this page if you are interested in Forex training or robots for that matter.

BK Forex Review

Indicators, trading signals and education are the 3 main products sold by BKForex.com team.

The duo (Kathy and Boris) are not interested in disclosing their trading experience or their success track record.

However, the operators of BK Forex seem to be very much interested in selling and making money out of selling, not trading.

They’re providing a bunch of trading indicators in their monthly subscription packages.

These include:

  • Market Mapper…. for finding great trade ideas
  • Zip Indicator….. for swing trading
  • Kathy’s fundamental heatmap… for fundamental analysis
  • Boris flow trader indicator… for trading the trend

It’s important to note that BK Forex is not offering these indicators as separate products for sale.

For traders to use any of these indicators, they must subscribe to any of their 3 monthly plans.

BK Forex Review: The Trading Courses

BKForex.com lists a variety of trading courses that covers everything.

The way we see it is that BK Forex is hoping to cash in on every single element of trading and are not intending to put all these lessons into one holistic trading course.

This is a form of greed that’s quite common among snake oil peddlers who claim to be so successful in trading the financial markets.

BK Forex courses have been dubbed as follows:

  • How to pick tops and bottoms…………..$125
  • 12 strategies for picking tops and bottoms…….$397
  • Flow rider trading course……..$125
  • 8 strategies for day trading……….$575
  • Trend day trade course…… $125
  • Forex trading sessions……. $125
  • Trend catcher course…… $125
  • Euro trading course….. $125
  • Secrets of Trading GBP, JPY, and CHF…… $125
  • CAD, AUD, NZD Trading Course……. $125
  • Futures Trading Course…… $125
  • Ajax Trading Course……….. $125
  • Crowdfighter Course………. $125

BK Forex course above are clearly a cashcow because you realize most (if not all of the course above) can be obtained free of charge on the internet.

Just a simple Google search will present to you a bunch of free lessons which BK Forex is charging dollars for.

BK Forex review: packages

A salesman will do everything within his means to sell more items.

That’s the reason BK Forex is still offering separate packages for traders who want to learn trading.

BKForex Pricing Plans

We’ve listed them below but please take note that all of these packages are meant to make more money for this fake trading operation.

If a trading school is already selling dozens of separate trading courses, why sell separate packages for trade ideas and weekly webinars?

Furthermore, BK Forex appears to believe that traders have more money to invest in education than in an actual trading account.

So everything they offer has a price.

[tabs][tab title=”Market Mapper Trading tools”]Cost of subscription: $125 per month

+ Easy-to-Understand Charts +
+ Crystal Clear Fundamental Reasons + 
+ Find Perfect Trade Setups

[/tab] [tab title=”12 months Market mapper+trade ideas”]Cost of subscription (charged years): $117

+ Trade Ideas Every Day +
+ Market Mapper Tools + 
+ Live News Trading +

[/tab] [tab title=”Monthly full membership”]Cost of subscription: $175

Access to all trade ideas and tools

+ Trade Ideas Every Day +
+ Market Mapper Tools + 
+ Live News Trading +


Is BKForex.com a scam?

This website is literally a market place of trading products and so we have to ask the tough question:

Does Kathy or Boris have any real world trading experience?

Can they demonstrate this experience using third party audited trading results?

This is a great question to ask them because they portray themselves as professional traders who make money.

It’s only fair for them to provide a proof of their track record.

Unfortunately, none of this is provided or talked about in the BK Forex website.

So this leaves us with one conclusion: These people are not trading any live account.

They are making their entire profit from the sale of trading products.


BKForex.com reviews are very negative and these reviews are actually from people who felt duped by this website.

Even if I didn’t want to believe the claims made by these people, I would simply ask myself why Boris and Kathy are not posting their trading results on their website.

BKForex is just a waste of money and time. Any trading educator who gets angry at these questions is definitely a scammer.

Any trading educator who does not provide proof of live trading is definitely an internet marketer and not a trader.

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