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Bitqt App Review: is 100% Scam!

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This Bitqt app review proves that the website and app which is being promoted therein are a scam and in fact one of the most common investment fraud of our time. Even the owner of is admitting on the footer of their website that the app which they are promoting is fictitious and is just an illustration of arbitrage trading apps used in the market. It’s there in the fine print but even if Bitqt App website didn’t make mention of their real intention, we would still not believe the false promises where they claim Bitqtapp has a win rate of 99.4% and makes people rich in a short time.

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If you are wondering whether or not this app is legit, you need to use common sense and logic because there is no way you can become rich overnight with any trading app on the internet. Learn about Bitcoin trading scams here to familiarize yourself with the different types. Even the most reliable Forex investment websites offer up to 20% monthly returns only. This means that you cannot become a millionaire overnight by relying on 10-20% monthly returns unless you have invested a significant amount of moneybitqt app review

But the Bitqt app scam claims that members make a minimum return of $1,100 every day from a deposit of $250 only. This definitely sounds too good to be true and if you are the kind of person that believes such outrageous claims, you will most likely lose a lot of money on the internet.

Let’s go into the details to find out why this is a stealth scam that intends to snatch away $250 from your wallet in the name of trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Bitqt App Review

This scam claims on its website that it was featured on a number of media houses like CNN, Bloomberg, FT Financial times and in many other places.

Traders or investors who believe these things are mostly amateurs who have never been scammed on the internet before. All you need to do is go to at least one of those sites and search using the phrase Bitqt App Review. If nothing comes up, it means the claim is a lie. Thankfully, I have done this research for you and can promise you that nothing of this sort has ever been mention on any of these financial platforms. That is why those badges have no links that redirect to those financial website. This is a red flag.

What exactly is Bitqt app?

It’s supposed to be a Cryptocurrency trading app that works on the cloud and requires a deposit of $250 or in its euros equivalent. The software is 100% automated and uses arbitrage trading to generate the alleged returns.

For starters, arbitrage trading is the practice of using multiple exchanges to buy and sell coins quickly while taking advantage of slight price fluctuations. is bitqt app legit

The scammer behind Bitqt app is claiming that their software uses cutting edge technology to process these buy and sell transactions in a matter of 0.01 seconds.

Since I started trading and writing reviews on this website, I have seen hundreds of trading products (some of which are scams) and I know how to sniff these dubious investment operations a mile away. This claim is almost becoming a cliche on the internet as it was also used in the days when binary options trading was popular. This was back in 2016. Today scammers have rehashed the same scam apps and are using them to convince traders that the apps can do well in Cryptocurrency trading. Do not believe their claims.

BitqtApp profit calculator and random profit figures

There is a profit calculator on the website of Bitqt App. You are required to swipe the bar to see just how much you can make depending with the corresponding deposit.

In my case, I swiped to 500 euros and the profit potential was 568 euros per day. You can play around with this virtual profit generator/calculator and you will see that even the figures are not saying we can make $1,100 per day.

So even their profit calculator is not reflecting what this site is saying in its faq section. But still, the profit calculator is providing exaggerated returns and this is one of the red flags you should look for.

Users all around the world are allegedly making money with Bitqt App

I don’t like the fact that this site is throwing around figures without bothering to verify them. We need to verify the accuracy of these numbers to be certain that the site is not lying to us for the purpose of persuading investors.

Bitqtapp is claiming that traders and investors in over 164 countries are making thousands on a daily basis using their app. They are even giving us a table of fake profits and hoping that some gullible investor will believe the profits. All you have to know is that this is just a widget that was programmed to show fake profits. It has nothing to do with trading of Cryptocurrency of profits generated from any legit trading operation.

The site has also failed to verify the profit figures and it is hard to ascertain the truth if you are new to this industry but for the experienced trader like myself, I already know that those figures are unsubstantiated.

Bitqt app and how it works

There is a form that has been placed on the website and the purpose is to collect your name, email and phone number. The next step will involve signing up with a scam broker where you will deposit your $250.

This way, the scammers get their commission or split the profits among themselves. Some times these scammers also own the fraudulent brokerage platforms and in this case, they ”eat” all the money.

No fees or commission promise

Bitqt app wants to make traders believe they can get rich for free. A fully functional broker will definitely charge fees for every trading activity you perform whether through a robot or a manual trading strategy. If there is no fee, ask yourself how the owner of this Bitcoin bot is supposed to benefit. Do you find it weird, that they are desperately pushing Bitqtapp to you and claiming they won’t charge any fees?


The reason I wrote this Bitqt app review was to warn each one of you that this is a scam.

Also I feel that online safety is a big concern among internet users and so anyone involved in Forex or CFDs trading should consider precautionary measures.

If you need to trade Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency for consistent profit, you can either take advantage of our Forex managed account service. Otherwise, you are all invited to leave a comment below this Bitqt app review.

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