Review: Is Absolute Global Markets Scam?

Welcome to the review.

Traders have requested this review so badly because the website is making an irresistible offer and looking like a legit Forex broker worth trying.

Absolute Global Markets wants traders to know that they’re a Forex broker with international traditions.

We’re not sure what this statement means but in our judgement, this sounds like a promotional statement and a sales pitch for that matter.

Absolute Global Markets also claims their customers will get exclusive support from traders and financial analysts in their team.

It’s easy to make these claims because literally every Forex and stock broker out there makes these claims on their website.

A good example of brokers that we’ve reviewed here who are continuously selling to prospective yet unsuspecting customers include LiveMarkets, 24trades, FXFinest, Raw Forex and many others.

None of these brokers have been able to deliver on their claims. In fact, some of them have ended up scamming unsuspecting traders because of their silver-tongued representatives.

Absolute Global Markets is however masquerading like a legit broker based on their web design and what they promise traders in advance.

AGMarket review - Absolute Global Markets

But that means we should still dig deeper in order to establish the authenticity of

We just don’t want to take their word for it in a world full of dubious Forex brokers. Review: Absolute Global Markets

This broker is operating out of Switzerland but targeting clients from all nations.

This broker offers the popular MT4 trading platform with several account options.

However, this does not mean we should choose Agmarkets over other brokers because this is not the only factor to consider when choosing a Forex broker.

Their account types and options are as follows:

Please note: There are only two accounts offered by AG Markets. These have been dubbed Standard and Premium.

Within these accounts, they’ve created sub-accounts with different names and that’s what we want to list on the table below.

[tabs][tab title=”Premium”]Minimum deposit: $20,000

  • All tools are available
  • 45% fixed and floating spread
  • Bonus on deposit up to 100%
  • 10 trading signals per day
  • 24/7 individual account manager
  • Personal VIP analyst
  • VIP-signals for the duration of account work
  • Risk management webinar
  • Insurance of account 45%

[/tab] [tab title=”Lux”]Minimum deposit: $50,000

  • All tools are available
  • Fixed and floating spread 60%
  • Bonus on deposit up to 100%
  • 20 trading signals per day
  • 24/7 individual account manager
  • Personal VIP analyst
  • VIP-signals for the duration of account work
  • Risk management webinar
  • Insurance of account 60%

[/tab] [tab title=”Royal”]Minimum Deposit: $100,000

  • All tools are available
  • 75% fixed and floating spread
  • Bonus on deposit up to 100%
  • 30 trading signals per day
  • 24/7 individual account manager
  • Personal VIP analyst
  • VIP-signals for the duration of account work
  • Risk management webinar
  • Insurance of account 75%

[/tab] [tab title=”Easy Start”]Minimum deposit: $250

  • Available in 9 major currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY, CHF, PLN, RUB and HUF
  • Bonus on deposit up to 25%
  • All signals are free for 1 week
  • Trading signals 1 per day
  • Trading micro lots
  • Trading by algorithm
  • Personal account manager 24/5
  • Basic training

[/tab] [tab title=”Trader”]Minimum Deposit: $1,000

  • Access to all tools
  • Fixed and floating spreads 15%
  • Bonus on deposit up to 50%
  • Leverage regulation
  • 3 trading signals per day
  • Trading micro lots
  • Individual account manager 24/5
  • Advanced training

[/tab] [tab title=”Pro Trader”]Minimum Deposit: $50,000

  • All tools are available
  • Fixed and floating spreads 30%
  • Bonus on deposit up to 75%
  • Leverage regulation
  • 5 trading signals per day
  • Trading micro lots
  • 24/7 individual account manager
  • Risk management webinar
  • Insurance of account 30%


The above account features makes AGMarkets sound like an attractive broker to trade with.

However, before you can register or deposit funds, you need to know things such as the company’s background and regulatory status.

Absolute Global Markets has some serious issues in terms of how they run their business.

First of all, the company behind this Forex broker is virtually anonymous and secondly, they are not regulated by any financial watchdog.

We consider these two things a serious red flag as far as AG Markets broker and their relationship with their customers is concerned.

Also, Absolute Global Markets appears to be imitating New-Zealand-based Forex broker whose website can be found on

This broker too is known as AG Markets but we already know the fake one here based on the date in which both sides were registered. (the dubious broker)  launched their business in September 2019 while the other broker has been there for quite some time.

No company information, no regulator’s license

This broker seems to be dubious because they don’t disclose the entity that stands behind their website and activities.

Their website is presenting us with a New Zealand physical address but fails to mention the company that manages them.

Furthermore, the terms and conditions listed on the Absolute Global Markets are talking about Bulgarian governing laws and not New Zealand laws.

What this means is that AGMarkets is operating anonymously and they’re not bound by any laws.

Furthermore, this guarantees us that is not licensed by any financial authority.

When they’re operating without a regulator’s license, it basically means the broker intends to scam its clients.

When clients are scammed in these scenarios, they end up desperate since they have nobody to run to.

Absolute Global Markets review: unfavorable fees

In their legal document, AG Markets states that they’re charging a withdrawal fee of 10% if a trader fails to hit a turnover of 200.

With such high fees and unfavorable trading conditions, one can only say that Absolute Global Markets is a scam and nothing more. Review: Spread and leverage info not clear

Absolute Global Markets discloses their spreads in percentage instead of pips.

In fact, the way AGMarkets talks about their spreads is quite vague.

For instance, when they say 75% fixed and floating spreads, we really have no idea what they’re talking about.

Spreads should be expressed in pips unless the broker intends to hide their spreads.

Leverage info is also quite generic as they only state that leverage is regulated.

Such statements are meaningless.

Conclusion offers MT4 account that is actually provided by a third party, Pentacle Group Ltd.

This means that AG Markets is actually running a white label brokerage platform from Pentacle Group Ltd.

They simply hired the company’s platform, slapped their logo on it and agreed to pay a monthly fee. That’s how they scam people using white labels.

By the way, Pentacle Group Ltd is considered an offshore and shady broker that also operates another scam brokerage known as Chrono FM.

Also, the choice of trading instruments is also restricted to 20 Forex pairs, silver and gold. This is not what we expect from a professional broker.

There are too many setbacks to even consider recommending

Thanks for reading this Absolute Global Markets review. Traders must know this is a scam. No doubt!

  • Scammers, I’ve paid the deposit of $250 but the next day I wanted to withdraw it, it was a month ago and I still don’t have my money back and will probably never get it back! Furthermore they were trying to convince me to make another transactions!! They are f*****g liars, scumbags, don’t even try to put any money with them!!

  • i paid $1200 , last time i could see i was up to $21 000, i tried to withdraw ,and i keep getting calls to say i must pay in more in order to get my money out, i cant even get on to my profile anymore, it says there IP address doesnt exsist . plus now i keep getting phone calls from mobile numbers in South Africa

  • Absolute Global Martket is a SCAM. DO NOT invest any money to this company. They asked me for deposit, than for more deposit and now when I was about to take my “profit” they asked me to pay again and when I refused to pay more I was not able to reach them at all. They are smart in a way that they build up a trust until you pay. But you will never be able to get your money back. DO NOT TRUST this company IT IS A SCAM.