Tom Lewis Trade Services Review: A Scam!

Tom Lewis Trade Services aka TLTS is an interesting service targeting traders and investors. They provide ‘investment plans’, Forex signals and also aid traders with education and technology. The official website of this vendor ( is owned and operated by Tom Lewis Companies, LLC. When I look at the company, I find nothing but mediocrity. … Read more Review: Scam Forex Broker

A new Forex broker like believes they can provide far more advantages that established ones. For example, EfxFinance purports to guarantee low-cost trading on over 200 assets, top-tier liquidity, transparent pricing and safety of funds. However, quick research shows that EfxFinance is actually operating like a HYIP. Instead of providing a trading software like … Read more Review: Broker is a Copycat Fraud

Efxtm is a fraudulent broker operating its business from the web address It would be risky to include such a bogus website on our list of the most reputable Forex brokers worth investing with. First of all, Efxtm is not related to the popular Forex broker, FXTM. However, you can clearly see that the … Read more Review: It’s a real SCAM

First of all, is barely 2 months old, yet they want to provide an avenue for investing in the financial markets. I don’t know how LibertMark is supposed to compete with established brokers that have built their reputation around trust and integrity. However, based on the design of their website, you’d think they are … Read more