Zeyfex.com Review: A Con Man’s Game Don’t be a Victim

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A persuasive website, paired with a couple of financial tricks makes Zeyfex the subject of this review.

You see, there is nothing like “doubling your money” or a “Trusted broker”…… At least these promises must sound untrue when it comes to any discussion that touches the name Zeyfex.com.

By the way, this broker is unregulated, anonymous and lacking in terms of professionalism.

Their website proclaims that Zeyfex is a trusted broker which is also regulated by the FSA.

Unfortunately, this is a far-fetched statement. It can’t be true when the company is conscious of the fact that their license number is not even posted on their website.

There is no reason to trust that ZeyFex is different from scamsites like Effencel, Trade Capital Holding and Milliva.com.

Pro tip: To transform your trading, you need a working formula or a trading product that has been proven to produce results. Anything less is just a conman’s game.

ZeyFex Review: Why this Forex broker is for suckers

They say they are a “New concept broker” yet a quick perusal session on their website does not reveal any special product or service which they are offering clients.

They would like their clients to believe that ZeyFex is a broker that offers 30,000 instruments for trading which covers Forex, Stocks, CFDs and Cryptos.

However, a professional trader does not need all of these instruments in order to make profits consistently.

It is good that there’s variety but this does not change the fact that ZeyFex is a Greek horse that is filled with tricks and traps.

Some of the concerns I have against this broker include:

  1. Abnormal leverage (up to 1:1000)
  2. Lack of a proper and valid Forex broker’s license
  3. Tempting bonus of 100%

If you combine the 3 ingredients above, you end up with an automated financial system that churns and burns money in favor of the owner.

The consumer would lose money to this corny financial system because their greed is constantly on temptation.

The bonus money is actually an imaginary fund that ZeyFex is using to motivate clients to trade bigger lots.

It comes with a fine print and the number 1 rule is that you can never cash out the bonus if you have not traded a certain volume.

The leverage is also very high because it is meant to appeal to suckers. Leverage of this magnitude is your license to financial ruin.

Why is ZeyFex a broker that is operating without a valid license?

Before we move any further, I would like to mention that ZeyFex is very new to this marketplace.

They appear to have launched their business sometime in early 2021. And this is not the safest broker for entrusting with your funds.

They might not have a fancy name like TurboXBT but at least whoever is running ZeyFex ought to have been smart enough if they want to execute a successful fraud.

That said, I don’t encourage working or trading with a broker that lies about their licensing status.

How can they guarantee the safety of our funds if they lack a license? Furthermore, why are they not disclosing their location? This is a red flag.

Clever Marketing Tactics that ended up in embarrassment

ZeyFex website does not appear to have any meaningful traffic. So I assume that they don’t have any clients just yet.

However, the broker has been caught pants down (at least once) faking reviews on a popular trading forum.

They left a fake 5 star rating while pretending to be a happy client that was pleased by the broker’s trading platform.

Consequently, the admins set this rating to 1 star because the actions of this broker were deemed deceitful.

The Conclusion

Before I forget, ZeyFex is also running a copy trading platform where less experienced traders can replicate the trades of veteran traders.

I wonder how this system is supposed to work because the broker is currently not accommodating any clients, let alone a successful trader.

In addition to this, one would ask how on earth this broker can be trusted with their copy trading service when their website is full of lies and tactics that inspire traders to lose money.

From my experience, I can tell that this broker cannot take you far. Even if you do your own research, you will find out that everyone out there is saying how suspicious ZeyFex seems to be.

Thanks for reading.

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