Zeno Forex Trading Review: A Scam?

Zeno Forex Trading is a Forex signals service that provides managed accounts too.

Their manual trading service costs £49.99/monthly. Traders who wish to obtain membership for their auto trading service will however pay £99.99 per month.

Zeno Forex Trading even claims that their auto trading service is run by their “regulated Forex trading team”.

We don’t know who these team members are so we can’t verify their experience or regulation status.

But we can definitely verify and confirm that these highly recommended trading products and services are a good for all kinds of traders.

Also, when this vendor talks about automated trading service, we believe they’re referring to managed trading accounts where we link our accounts to a master account.

Zeno Forex Trading says we must pay a monthly fee to use their broker which we will apparently open an account with and deposit £1000.

On the other hand, the recommended amount for trading their signals is £500.

Zeno Forex Trading review

Their official website was created in August 2019, and so they should just produce their trading results for at least 6 months when asked.

The service also puts emphasis on money management, training of members where webinars are hosted at 08:00hrs till 22:00hrs UK time.

Definitely these guys are operating from the UK.

Zeno Forex Trading even believes they can help us build our financial future because they have a mountain of Forex trading experience.

Is Zeno Forex Trading legit?

The first contradicting statement is that their manual trading service was started in 2010.

It’s quite clear at this time that the service was started in August 2019, not 2010.

Despite peddling a “Powerful profit making strategy”, we did not see their myfxbook account because they do not have any.

We’d like to see this vendor putting his money where his mouth is.


We don’t think we can recommend this service just yet because they didn’t prove their trading prowess, only empty talk.

We do not need promises in a marketplace where only statistics count.

So we do not see the point in subscribing or paying for their products.