Zank Capital Review: Beware of Scam

Zank International Ltd runs a scam Forex and CFDs brokerage called Zank Capital. This review will prove that the broker is only interested in your money and not your trading experience on their platform.

Due to the dirty games that this broker is trying to play with unsuspecting victims, it is not possible to recommend them because even with the best trading software and Forex signals, you will still not make a profit with them.

The sales page is littered with the usual marketing mumbo jumbo i.e low latency, ultra fast execution, superior liquidity and a dedicated customer support. The only outstanding feature that Zank Capital offers on their website is the free in-depth Forex trading education.

I was surprised to find that the course is freely available to visitors on the website of Zank Capital even if they haven’t signed up.

Zank Capital Review: Where are they from and what is the company background looking like?

Zank Capital tells its audience that they are operating the business from the UK and Australia respectively.

However, somewhere on their terms and conditions we find rather disturbing contradiction where they suggest that the brokerage is being operated from Hong Kong.

It is becoming very difficult to establish the real address of this scam. So even the question of whether they are regulated or not should not arise as we all know that it is not possible for a scam like this to get a valid Forex brokerage license.

Zank Capital account types, minimum deposit, spreads and leverage

This broker is shamelessly asking for a minimum deposit of $500. If a customer wants to upgrade, the scam will tell him to send in another $10,000.

Their highest account type requires $50,000 and has zero spreads. When an account doesn’t have any spreads, then it means the broker must be charging commission. Otherwise there is no way they will make a profit if they are an honest broker.

Now, this broker is not saying anything about their commission. They seem to thrive on secrecy just like every other common Forex and CFDs scam.

They also lie to traders that all trading strategies are allowed. What I can assure you is that the broker will not allow every trading strategy as this can outsmart their system. Even if you beat them in this game, they will not let you withdraw your profit.

Maximum leverage is 1:500. As always, you need to exercise caution when choosing leverage.

What to do if this broker scams you

The chargeback button is readily available to you at any given time. Fill out the form above and if you’ve lost $5,000 and above, we ask you to live chat with a professional who will evaluate your case, then take you step by step until you get your money back.

The Conclusion

We noticed that Zank Capital is also lying about the numerous supposed industry awards that they won.

It is not possible for broker like this to win any internationally recognized award. So this is part of their games to make the website look legit.

You need to avoid them at all cost. If you are looking for a legitimate Forex broker, then this page can help you pick the best whether you are a US citizen or coming from other countries.