You can Trade Review: Is Legit or Scam?

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Welcome to the You Can Trade review. is now (YCT). What does this website offer?

They offer stocks, futures and options trading education to consumers across the internet. is owned and operated by Sarah Potter, a supposed full-time trader who claims to have learned how to trade stocks and ETFs by herself.

And trading is very easy, everyone can learn trading stocks and ETFs provided they buy her training!

This trading educator claims that her website is providing simple stock trading strategies for everyday traders.

That means every Tom, Dick and Harry can learn to earn a living trading stocks.

This must be the best fantasy in the world.

YouCanTrade review Stock Market Education Learn to Trade Online

We cannot resist the urge to join her “live trading room” to watch her place trades. We simply copy-paste her trade ideas into a live account and Boom! Money is made.

In fact, Sarah claims that consumers of her learning materials can learn by watching her trade a live account.

However, requesting a live account track record from this individual does not yield pleasing results.

With regards to the history of this website, marketing material makes reference to “She Can trade”, which means was not the name of the original domain.

The domain is in fact redirecting to For how long will she keep changing domain names hoping to escape our radar?

Sarah Potter is very nice to speak to. But when asked the hard questions, she suddenly turns icy.

How different is Sarah Potter from people like Stephanie Kammerman of theStockWhisperer or Mike Valtos of Order Flows?

You Can Trade Review

The official website of this trading school first came online in 2013 and appears to target consumers from the United States.

The following courses are found on the YouCanTrade website:

SheCanTrade- Start Trading Options Course…………$1,997

SheCanTrade-Trading Accelerator Course………..$1,997

Tow-roads Trading-Trader’s Transition Program………$997

In the first stocks trading course, students are taught what options are, what affects prices and what traders need to know about options trading.

Sarah claims that she will give her students the same exact strategies she uses in her “live brokerage account”.

In the second trading course, students are supposedly going to learn a practical approach to trading any account size, trade setups that win consistently, how to overcome mental challenges and risk management.

Now, in the third stock trading course, they teach rules-based strategies, ways to identity trade setups,trade management and other things.

This material is supposedly building on the previous lesson. It appears that beginners have to purchase all the 3 trading courses to become “professional traders” like Sarah.

By this time, students will have spent $5,000 on an options trading course. Will they become professional traders like Sarah of You Can Trade?

This question is best answered by reading the disclaimer that appears on the footer of this website.

It says the following:, and any similar offerings by You Can Trade, Inc. (collectively, “YouCanTrade”) are solely educational, news and entertainment media publications that seek to provide a marketplace of potentially actionable investment and trading ideas, demonstrations and informational tools to the self-directed investment community..

The stupid thing here is that Sarah Potter of YouCanTrade is providing entertainment to the financially-desperate individuals for $5,000.

She is even stating very clearly that content on the You Can Trade website is for educational and demonstration purposes as she is not providing investment recommendations.

Furthermore, a study of her course summary depicts that some of the lessons have basically been recycled from the previous course.

Through the You Can Trade website, Sarah Potter makes consumers feel that they’ve hit the honey pot.

All trading education promoters have one thing in common. They are all marketers who can make Ice cream taste like hot tea to an Eskimo.

They all sell a secret trading formula that they proclaim to use on a live account.

Is there any proof of trading success or a verified track record for that matter?

The answer is No! None of these snake oil trading gurus can bow to this request.

Maybe Sarah Potter is different. She can show us her live trades on a brokerage account.

A professional full time trader does not have any problem producing a redacted brokerage statements for the contracts she has traded.

We would then analyze her trading P&L statement to judge for ourselves. Unfortunately, Sarah Potter of YouCanTrade is not the right person to submit this request to.

No answer will be forthcoming with regards to the above question. The best attempt she can make is to reiterate that she is a full time trader with years of experience.

We feel that it is not proper for trading educators of this caliber to sell snake oil for thousands of dollars.

YouCanTrade review: the usual stuff

Marketing material on the website suggests that YCT focuses on stocks and ETF options trading strategies, trade setups, entries and exits as well as trade management.

Live lessons are streamed online and students can also access a library of You Can Trade learning materials. In addition to this, the website specializes in custom indicators.

In addition to this, trade alerts are sent through SMS.

Those who missed trades can also take advantage of the school’s weekly trade summary where Sarah and other mentors are allegedly providing a recap of positions executed, their profits and losses.

The owner of this website has also partnered with TradeStation Support to provide students with access to the company’s training Channel.

TradeStation is owned and operated by TradeStation Securities, Inc and they have a lot of products, some of which may be available for a cost.


One thing is for sure. Traders fail many times and if they persist, they ultimately become consistently profitable traders.

Unfortunately, Sarah Potter of You Can Trade is not one of those traders who outgrew the infancy stages of learning how to trade.

Sarah decided to carve a niche in stocks and options trading education because it’s profitable when you sell financial snake oil to the financially unsophisticated.

There is nothing as disgusting as finding out that you paid a wannabe trading guru thousands of dollars to learn their “secret”

Thanks for reading the You Can Trade review.

We look forward to your comments and reviews.

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