Yield Crowd Review: Illegal Scam (Yieldcrowd.com)

Today I am reviewing Yield Crowd, which is a peculiar website (Yieldcrowd.com) with a controversial and somehow shady past.

WayBackMachine captures the history of this crooked website dating back to 2014.

Upon investigating their activities, I found that Yield Crowd was peddling real estate, debt settlements, lottery deals and even claiming to facilitate funding of investors.

Fast forward to 2021, Yield Crowd is operating as a peer-to-peer trading platform and also encouraging investors to buy a fake token known as YCX.

The current owner of YieldCrowd is running the scheme together with his brother. The name of their company is Olson Capital Investments.

In his Linkedin profile, the owner claims that he runs a successful multi-family real estate business, and that he allegedly turned $3k into $40+ million.

There’s no way to establish the truth in these numbers as he could be throwing figures here and there to create the impression that he is legitimate and Yield Crowd is the real deal.

You don’t have to list your alleged success track record if we can’t verify it. It makes you sound like the owner of this shitty website, Pro Trading University

Pro Tip: Invest in these trading resources to make money consistently. Otherwise, this review is starting on a bad note already because Yield Crowd actually shares similar characteristics with an investment scam called Jux Capital.

Yield Crowd Review: What the company is offering today

According to the statement that is appearing on their website, they claim to offer a peer-to-peer trading platform where investors can trade their securities token (YCX).

This token is allegedly hosted on the Stellar Blockchain network. It is allegedly liquid and can be converted to fiat at any given moment.

YieldCrowd believes that their token is stable and secure. They tell us that the reason why YCX token is good is because it is “backed by real estate, jet fleets and exotic cars“.

Daily dividends will be paid in USDC as the company claims that they are looking at 9.34% returns.

It is not clear whether these returns will be earned on a monthly or annual basis.

Is there real value in YieldCrowd YCX token?

In my investigations, I found that YCX token is not listed with any public exchange, meaning that it has very poor volume.

The claim that it is liquid and can be converted to fiat at any time is misleading because there are not many investors holding the YCX token.

Also, the backing of this token is suspect as the company fails to provide any form of proof to support their allegations that they invest in real estate, aircraft and exotic cars.

In short, this is a useless token with no value as at now. However, the website keeps insisting that 1 YCX token is worth $1.

Is there a way to prove this value? Definitely not.

How this company intends to scam investors

Now that we’ve seen that this token has no real value, the trading and investing community should anticipate that buying and selling of the token will not be a simple task.

The minimum investment that YieldCrowd is asking for is $500. Once investors buy this token, they will be stack with coins that they cannot take anywhere since YCX is basically useless and no sane investor wants to buy it either.

It also appears that the owners of this company are not sure about what they want to do with the website.

While it is still running as a fully-fledged website, the owner claims that they are not accepting deposits.

This begs the question of why put a site live on the internet if you are truly not accepting any sign ups?

I feel that he is quite dishonest.

Honest reviews of Yield Crowd are faught with all might

I recently did a YouTube video of this company and it was quickly pulled down citing baseless copyright claim.

The owner had filed a fraudulent copyright claim with the intention of hiding his agenda, yet we know that he is selling illegal securities (YCX token) to unwitting investors.

I have retained a copy of the video, which I posted on my Facebook page anyway. In a few days, it should rank on Google.

Please note: The video is back on YouTube. I will provide its link later.

The Conclusion

My suspicion is that YieldCrowd is an organized ponzi scheme. The so-called token is considered an unregistered securities.

It is probably a non existent coin but this will be sold to the unwitting investor in exchange for real dollars.

Since reviews and criticism of this company are being faught because the owner is paranoid and intollerant to the truth, I encourage you to share this widely on your social medias.

Thanks for reading.