Yeti Forex Robot Review: Is EA scam or legit?

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The website of Yeti Forex Robot and their EA are the subject of this review.

The homepage displays the face of an ape but is clear that the product is a modern EA, thanks to features like NFA broker compatibility, advanced money management and high-spread protection system.

The Yeti Forex Robot promises a stable monthly return of 10%, and our job is to investigate this claim and determine whether this Forex EA can live up to expectations so as to qualify for inclusion in our list of the most recommended automated trading systems.

While the vendor is anonymous (which is obviously a bad thing), they promise to provide Skype and email support through [email protected] and [email protected] respectively.

Their official website at was registered in the early months of 2019 but despite this fact, forums like FPA only have 1 feedback.

Yeti Forex Robot Review

For that reason, we will help provide an honest review based on our observation of this product and of course our opinion too.

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Yeti Forex Robot Review

Currently, the vendor is anonymous but wants us to know that they “genuinely want to help”.

Through this “system”, they believe that they can solve the problem of lack of employment, not having enough money and struggling.

The Yeti Forex Robot is also marketed as the “solution” for those who hate their job.

The vendor has conducted some back tests and also live tests to show us that Yeti Forex Robot is a good product.

However, in the course of writing this review, we found both positive and negative sides of this EA.

In a nutshell, we’ll list down some of the features of the EA which this developer believes will make the product stand out against the crowd.

Yeti Forex Robot features

  • Works with 4 and 5 digit brokers
  • Trades on Micro, Mini and Standard MT4 accounts
  • Advanced time and money management features
  • Comes with anti-broker module
  • 24/7 support via skype

Trading strategy

The Yeti Forex Robot trades on the H4 timeframe where it hunts for trends.

The broker says he does not chase short-term profits, hence the reason they prefer long term frames.

Each position is secured with take profit and stop loss, plus the Yeti Forex robot will not use Martingale, Grid or any of those dangerous trading strategies.

This is all that the vendor wants us to know concerning the working of this Forex EA.

While they are at least trying to paint a picture on this subject, we feel that the description is quite brief.

We would like an elaborate one so that we can determine to what extent the strategy is profitable.

They also don’t provide any insights with regards to the Currency pairs that the Yeti Forex robot is optimized for.

The only thing they added to their strategy is that the EA will protect your capital from high spreads, off-quote errors and slippage.

What you get when you purchase Yeti Forex Robot

  • Price…………………..$199-$999
  • License type………………… Demo and real accounts license
  • Updates…………………….. not mentioned
  • Support…………………….email and Skype
  • Moneyback guarantee…….. yes

Trading performance

The trading performance of this EA does not look bad.

We don’t rely on their backtests though because these results don’t give us an accurate picture of how the robot would work in a live market.

The only problem that we have with these results is that the developer’s myfxbook is only a couple of weeks old.

This is a very small data sample, which means we can’t really make any meaningful conclusions using these results.

We usually make conclusions if trading results are at least 6 months old.


The Yeti Forex robot does not sound like a bad product per sei.

However, the developer needs to work on a few things like introduction, strategy insights and of course they will need to wait longer to prove to us that the EA has worthwhile results.

At the moment, we’re not recommending the Yeti Forex EA because of the above concerns.

If you would like to get yourself an established Forex EA, just look for them on this list.

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