Review: Vlad Karpel and Bogus Stocks Picks

Welcome to my review of Yellow Tunnel. YellowTunnel is an over-rated stock picking service operated by Vlad Karpel. The company’s marketing material suggest that the options and stock picking service will improve trading performance using artificial neural network, giving extremely high winning percentage.

The company is also peddling a coaching service, trading commentary and weekly market analysis to their customers. There are 4 different membership options where consumers pay monthly or on a quartely basis to access the benefits. Membership fee is steep compared to some of the best options and stock picking service that traders are happy with right now.

Vlad Karpel is also running another parallel cashcow called Tradespoon is marketed as a platform that predicts the stocks market with great accuracy. It is also a platform that is used to post unverifiable trading results which complement the other website very well.

Is Yellow Tunnel by Vlad Karpel Legit or a scam?

In my opinion, the service is over-rated and the only main beneficiary of the service is Vlad Karpel himself, thanks to the subscription fees.

The system is designed to dupe subscribers using clever marketing tactics where the company is heavily promoting a smart algorithmic trading system that never losses any trades. The company is even advertising winning percentage as high as 85.26%. Their FAQ page also claims that satisifaction is guaranteed.

But if all of this is indeed true, then I’m certain that Yellow Tunnel who be the most popular and profitable options and stock picking service on the internet.

The service has not reached this popularity yet, despite owner depicting it to be the most profitable stock signals service. Our survey team realized that the website does not receive more tha 100 visitors daily.

So, is Yellow Tunnel a scam or what? The answer is that it may not be a scam, only that the person who will stand to lose is you (if you believe the colorful language).

Unverifiable trading performance of YellowTunnel trades

The coaching service is supposedly limited to candidates who are lucky. It is a one-on-one coaching program where interested candidates are required to indirectly declare what they plan to invest upfront.

In addition to this, Vlad Karpel will collect personal information like your phone number and email. If your portfolio is big enough, then you must expect a call from him around the time you declared in the appointment.

Trading educators love this short application form because it gives them a clue as to what kind of person you are and whether or not you are willing and have the financial capacity to buy their system.

They can also use it to upsell all kinds of profitable trading strategies and systems that guarantee financial freedom.

The Conclusion

All has been said and the decision to sign up or not to is at your sole decretion. Personally, I wouldn’t go into this program as it sounds gimmicky and no morsel of evidence can be provided to support the claim of the extremely high winnings.