Xstart Asset LLC Review: xstartasset.com is Scam!

XSTART ASSET LLC is a company that claims to invest in Stocks and Forex market.

The minimum deposit is $20 and daily returns is 2.2% for 100 days.

The ultimate “investment plan” is touting 375% returns in 40 days.

Marketing materials on the XSTART ASSET LLC website claim that the business was founded in 2018 by a group of “agents and dealers”.

The question is why these guys are operating anonymously.

Also, we don’t see anywhere on this website where they state that they are licensed by the SEC.

Since they are accepting deposits from members of the public and claiming to generate passive revenue for them, the SEC considers them eligible for a license.

But this license is never given to scammers. This is probably the reason xstartasset.com does not have SEC’s authorization.

Chances are that this company is not operating from the USA.

There is no reason to choose this country to run illegal brokerage activities when offshore locations like Cyprus can offer safer accommodation.

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From the word go, we see that xstartasset.com is a fraudsite.

They don’t have proof of any kind of trading whether it is in the Forex or stocks market.

The anonymous owner of this fraudsite is also using promotion videos which were outsourced from fiverr for just a few dollars.

In addition to this, the scam site is accepting deposits in Cryptocurrencies because it is safer for scammers to receive payments using this method.

With their unregulated status and lies from every corner of the xstartasset.com website, one cannot believe that this website is presenting a legit opportunity to generate passive income.


Also, we see that their return on investment figures are too good to be true.

They are posting these figures to fool those who don’t know that trading is not a way to get rich overnight.

Therefore, we can confidently conclude that this site is a HYIP and a scam.