Xmoney.bet Review: X money Bet Investment Scam?

Welcome to the Xmoney.bet review. The name Xmoney.bet should make you suspicious. It’s a giveaway.

The site must have been registered as xmoney.cc at some point. We checked the domain xmoney.bet and found out that it was created in May 2020. So this is a very new website promising 130% daily ROI.

In addition to this, Xmoney.bet claims to offer 20% referral bonuses. You just have to login to your Payeer account, send the deposit and wait for the ROI to be generated.

But what exactly is Xmoney.bet? How do they generate this massive ROI in such a short time?

The story will make you laugh and before you can login to your Payeer account, you need to read our review of the Xmoney.bet website because we’ll be revealing things that you probably didn’t know.

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Xmoney.bet review

Marketing materials describes Xmoney as a the “financial system of the cash flow distribution”.

It is allegedly an automated investment operation where investors can deposit from their Payeer account to make 130% in record 24 hours.

XMoney.bet review

They claim to generate ROI through commissions that arise out of Payeer transactions.

This is laughable because we don’t seem to connect the dots here. There’s no relationship between Payeer transactions and profits that are allegedly generated by Xmoney.bet.

In addition to this, the website is very brief and no information has been presented regarding the owner, location of the business or way of investing.

Their FAQ page does not address these burning questions as well. It remains that Xmoney.bet is 100% mysterious and the people who run it are 100% anonymous.

You have to realize that this website is taking you for a ride. If you want to be certain that this is a scam, please read the next paragraphs of this Xmoney review.

Xmoney.bet review: Why this is a silly scam

First off, the numbers highlighted on the sales page cannot be verified. According to the website, $11,769,989.65 has been committed to the insurance reserve which means that “investors” shouldn’t lose their money at any given time.

The same web page claims that 233,418 have been registered. The question is how did this number of people register in a website that is barely a month old?

Alleged return is USD7,627,429.47. Again, when it comes to these claims, we’ll need to verify the numbers but again this is very difficult because Xmoney.bet is run anonymously and the owners are not willing to disclose anything.

Xmoney.bet has also integrated TradingView widgets on their website to give the impression that they’re investing in the money markets.

What you should know is that this has got nothing to do with the money markets. In fact, Xmoney has not provided information on how they generate the alleged 130% daily returns.

While these returns are too good to be true (for a fact), we needed Xmoney to provide a brief statement on how they invest client deposits to make those returns.

Unfortunately this is a weird “investment” operation. There’s no information whatsoever.


Xmoney.bet is an illegal investment operation. They claim to provide daily ROI but are not licensed anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, this website does not appear to have a registered company behind their business. It’s just a website on its own run by anonymous group of people.

Whatever you send these idiots, you’ll need to count it as an ex asset because honestly, the name tells it all.

Xmoney could be worse than a ponzi because this one is run by internet gangs who take you for a fool.

This is the property of anonymous thieves. Keep off a scam like this one.

If you need to invest in Crypto, use Cryptoblizz or Bitsgap and take responsibility and don’t send money to those who claim they can invest it for you.

There are exceptions but generally, a white label scam like Xmoney.bet shouldn’t persuade you.