XFX Hunter Review: Forex EA from projectxfx.com

Welcome to the XFX Hunter EA review.

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XFX Hunter is an expert advisor developed by a team of European traders, investors and marketers.

The cost of the Hunter is €350, which is quite unusual because most EAs are worth $250 or even less.

We’ve analyzed the XFX Hunter EA, its potential and are now writing this review with the understanding that the EA is using 16 indicators, of which 8 are allegedly designed by XFX Project.

The team at projectxfx.com are claiming that their trading products and services are designed using complex strategies and studies of the previous market behavior for the last 10 years.

XFX Hunter Review

On top of that, they want traders to know that XFX Hunter EA and every other product that they’ve developed does not require huge sums of capital for trading.

Because this is an interesting EA, we are providing a full review and analysis to let you know whether or not it’s a viable Forex expert advisor.

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XFX Hunter EA review

The product is owned by XFX Group who are also the operators of the site projectxfx.com.

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This is a new developer in the industry as their service was rolled out at the beginning of 2019.

So far, the team has produced 3 expert advisors, 1 indicator and are also planning to introduce a copy trading tool for MT4 platform in the future.

Their myfxbook account says that XFX Group is a Russian company. However, they’re not telling the community where their headquarter is located.

At the same time, they are not providing a contact email address on their website. This is quite funny and we hope they’ll fix these shortcomings soon.

These owners of XFX Hunter EA also claim that they’ve been developing and distributing software for MT4 for more than 5 years.

We have no idea who runs this team plus their 5 years claim is really controversial because the website of XFX Group has been around for 1 year only.

If they want to be transparent with the community, they should consider adding more information concerning their background so that their 5 year existence can be verified.

The reason this information is crucial is because we don’t know whether or not they’re developers, traders or marketers.

The trading strategy of the XFX Hunter Expert Advisor

The team tells us that their XFX Hunter trading software is designed using 16 different indicators of which 8 belong to XFX Group.

The “indicators detect parallel trends within different duration of time. Taking advantage of these changes, these ultimately become market execution”.

They also want traders to know that these indicators work in different blocks of operation which are grouped into segments.

There’s an indicator for Candle Patterns, Technical Analysis, Price Action, Impact of Reversals, Trend Strength , market volume and so on.

All of these indicators are grouped into independent operational blocks.

This is quite a cumbersome explanation. We believe the developer of XFX Hunter EA is using various trading methodology and approaches.

It’s not clear how these things come together to define an effective trading strategy.

We believe that this developer is basically trying to offer an explanation of how their EA works but are lacking the right words to use when expressing themselves.

However, we can say that the developer tries a lot compared to those who sell Forex EAs and indicators like Megalodon Trading, FX Vortex, Forex AI Trader, Arya Trader and many others.

Breakdown of product details

XFX Hunter EA is optimized for the following pairs:


In addition to this, the software is shipped with a manual, set files and free updates.

The developer also wants traders to know that XFX Hunter EA requires a VPS and $10000 to $2000 investment when trading on a standard account.

How about customer feedback?

XFX Hunter EA does not have feedback from the community yet.

This is expected from a new product. So we shall be waiting to see whether the community will tell us their experience with this EA.

Trading results for the XFX Hunter EA

The sales page does not have a myfxbook.com. However, a simple search on Google will return one.

This myfxbook is hosted by FBS Forex broker and is showing us a gain of 159%. On the other hand, absolute gain is +116%.

XFX Hunter ea Myfxbook

Overall gain and absolute gain ought to be the same. If there’s a disparity, it simply means the developer is crediting their account each time there’s a draw down.

We can see that draw down is 45%. This is very high and unacceptable. It also confirms our theory that the developer is try to game the system to make it look like they’ve been making profits at all time.

This myfxbook account has been tracking results for the last 1 year.

The only results to focus on is their +116 gain because this figure reflects the real profit unlike the overall gains metrics which combines real profits with money credited by the developer.


XFX Hunter appears to be impressive in certain aspects. However, they still need to introduce themselves to the community.

There is no way they can sell an EA for 350 Euros when they’re anonymous in the first place. Secondly, we would appreciate a much more in-depth explanation of the specific trading strategy.

Due to the high draw down on their myfxbook.com, we feel that XFX Hunter EA may be using a risky trading strategy.

Thanks for reading this XFX Hunter review. We need to hear your comments now.

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