World Trade Investment Review: Scam Broker (

World Trade Investment aka WTI is a broker based in India and claiming to be established in 2010.

This is not true because the domain ( has been up for sale since 2010.

It is not correct for this broker to say they’ve been serving traders since 2010 when they were nowhere to be seen at that time.

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World Trade Investment is also claiming to be incorporated in the United Kingdom and are even providing their UK company registration documents.

However, we know that incorporating a company in the UK does not mean it is legitimate.

In fact, nearly every scammer out there has a UK company incorporated under their name.

Also, we don’t see how a broker incorporated in the UK can get most of its traffic from India.

In addition to this, it’s quite obvious that WTI is based in India since their website is even celebrating Colors of Holi and even Diwali.

World Trade Investment account types

They’re attracting traders using various Forex trading account types where minimum deposit starts $100.

World Trade Investment is even offering abnormal leverage of up to 1:1000.

It is quite difficult to find that a professional broker is offering leverage of this kind.

Some jurisdictions even have rules on how much leverage that Forex brokers can offer.

This is because excessive leverage has been known to ruin traders’ accounts. But it appears this broker does not care.

The only thing they want is your money and they’ll do everything to lure you into their platform.

In terms of spreads, World Trade Investment claims that they are offering affordable trading with no slippage or delays in execution.

They are basically pretending to be a trader-friendly broker but forgetting to include the popular MT4 trading platform.

The question is which broker on the platform is providing trading without giving investors the option to do their trading on the MT4 software?

World Trade Investment is not regulated

We have said many times that an unregulated Forex broker is likely to be a scam broker.

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First of all, WTI is not disclosing their exact location where they operate from.

Secondly, their website does not provide their license number. This proves that they are unregulated.

And if they are unregulated, they have no business providing any kind of financial services to clients.

But this does not seem to bother them since they appear to target less informed traders.

Copy-pasting from Octafx website

Octafx is a well-known Forex broker and a regulated one. On the other hand, World Trade Investment is not a popular broker.

However, the worst mistake is that this broker actually copied some of their website content from Octafx.

They forgot to delete the word “Octafx” in their copying, meaning that someone is not even paying attention.

What this tells you is that trading with World Trade Investment is not safe.

If they are unable to provide a professional presentation of their service, do you think they will mind your affairs on their platform?

Furthermore, copying of content on the web is strictly prohibited. World Trade Investment is definitely plagiarizing content from other sources which makes them look terrible.

Fake awards for

This false Forex broker has posted a number of fake awards which were never won.

This broker did not established their website in 2010. So how do they convince us that they are winners of multiple awards?

Basically, these fake badges are copy pasted from other websites on the internet.

It appears this broker is a terrible liar. We can’t trust them since they are getting even the most basic presentation totally wrong.


World Trade Investment is to be avoided because they are not regulated and secondly, they are of no reputation.

I am yet to find a successful trader who used their platform to trade the Forex market.

But chances are that they will scam traders rather than provide a proper trading environment where everybody can thrive in.

In short, do not fall for these charlatans. Simply ignore their website.