Wondertraderpro.us Review: Buy Sell Indicator (Scam Alert)

Welcome to the Wondertraderpro.us review. Wonder Trader pro is just another colorful trading indicator promising an unverified ‘86% win rate’ to make you pull out your credit card very quickly. Truth is that the indicator is nothing more than snake oil — unfortunately.

Looking at the website, you will see that it is quite an interesting landing page but with an agenda that only the salesman and review writers like me knows about. The sales language is enticing… you would be so excited that you’ve found a goldmine if you were seriously searching for a good buy/sell indicator.

But alas, this so called “extraordinary indicator for trading stocks, futures or options is a scam. If you want to trade like a professional, I ask you to read this review and make the decision for yourself.

WonderTraderPro Review: The advertising

Marketing materials on this website claim the indicator will determine the start of trends before they form, hence users will ‘maximize their returns’ by riding the trend as long as it is still profitable to do so.

According to the sales page, Wondertraderpro is not just an indicator but a tool that comes with a complete strategy, entries, exits and full trade management mechanism.

Users of this Wondertraderpro indicator are supposed to install it in their computer or mobile device to start using it. It simply draws buy and sell signals on the screen. Copy-pasting the signals will allegedly generate millions for you. In fact, the vendor claims that this indicator is used by fund managers that make millions everyday. This claim is quite ridiculous, considering that we still can’t verify the profitability of the indicator, despite the vendor promoting it with screenshots of supposed trading performance and even emphazing on how WonderTraderPro is a money maker.

All of this is BS. Do you know why? Read my explanation below.

WonderTraderPro and the deception

The website has a couple of screenshots showing the alleged trading performance of this indicator. I spent a great amount of time scrolling just to get to the bottom of the site because the vendor has posted dozens of screenshots which occupy a great deal of space.

These screenshots are only showing profit after profit. The vendor intends to show us how Wonder Trader Pro is producing ‘very accurate’ trading signals.

The problem with such a landing page is that it is a total waste of my time, giving the consumers false hope and leading you into spending thousands of dollars on snake oil.

The vendor is also collecting your email so that they can reach out to you with unsolicited marketing emails which are obviously ending up in the spam box. Thankfully, only a few people get to read emails in the spam box.

Nonetheless, WonderTraderPro is not a $100 indicator because the snake oil pricing starts at $997.

There are 3 pricing plans which are as follows:

Training included but many features are limitedYou get training, scanner etcYou get everything

WonderTraderPro is also promoted on the corny Trustpilot website. I’ve talked about how Trustpilot is a scam that favors marketers who want to bribe their way into ‘5 star-dom’.

You can actually see on the Trustpilot profile of this vendor that the product has ‘5 star rating’ and comments are only coming from ‘happy consumers’.

You must doubt whether those ‘consumers’ are being real because Trustpilot actually collects money from scammers so that if an unhappy customer tries to vent their anger, the platform will refuse to publish the comment. This is why you will always see 5 star reviews on some vendor’s profile. The reviews are fake. It does not always mean that the product is good…. that customers are happy.

Who owns Wonder Trader Pro?

The website is registered to someone called Shita Guo. This website was created in December 2020. But the landing page says they’ve been in business for the last 6 years. I wonder how this is possible for a new website such as WonderTraderPro.us.

The website claims that they have 12,000 happy customers. This sounds like a big fat lie, and I know everyone is convinced that this is indeed a lie.

Do you trust this indicator salesman? Where is the track record for performance? The website has zero accountability. No account statements even.

The Conclusion

This review has just highlighted what this scam is all about and why you should not spend any money on a trading indicator fraud.

If you have had a bad experience with Shita Guo (or whatever pseudo he uses), please leave your comments below as this is not Trustpilot ……. any comment will be published right away.

Thank you for reading this review and making the right decision.