Wolfx Signals Review: It’s a Scam (wolfxsignals.com)

Wolfx Signals is selling Forex and Cryptocurrency signals while enticing traders with words such as “Finance your Future with Powerful WOLFX Signals“. The signals vendor has a professional website to back their marketing materials but is doing very little to win our trust. For that reason, we feel that Wolfx Signals is not worth listing on this page of recommended trading systems and signals.

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The vendor is also claiming that Wolfx Signals are profitable, accurate and trustworthy. The vendor wants to help us reach our trading goals because they are a team of experienced Forex and Crypto traders who have helped 3500 traders.

They deliver up to 9 Forex and Crypto signals daily on the premium plan while the free plan accommodates up to 4 signals per week. All of the trading signals are delivered through the company’s Telegram channel.

The company is promising huge amounts of pips as traders are told they should expect a minimum of 1500 pips and up to a maximum of 3500 pips monthly. The accuracy rate is 90%, which is quite unrealistic considering that these guys have refused to prove their experience in trading.

Wolfx Signals Review: Accurate signals or a scam?

The vendor is rubbishing risk rewards strategies and instead going for “accuracy”. They are not disclosing this strategy of accuracy or giving us an overview of how they plan for their trades.

This comes out as a vague statement since professional traders like us always want to know the strategy upfront to determine its viability.

They also talk of their analysts giving risk management lessons to traders. But these analysts are anonymous and their background in trading cannot be verified.

In addition to this, Wolfx Signals is providing trading education. The page needs us to login but from the outside, it suggests that no education content can be found.

Should you sign up for Wolfx Signals?

The company offers 3 signal plans but we don’t recommend signing up, for the very reasons that we discouraged signing up for FX Golden Circle and Project Bulls respectively.

The Crypto VIP package costs $89 monthly. This is the same case with their Forex VIP package. If a client wants Forex and Crypto signals combined, then the total cost is $139 monthly.

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The signals vendor is promising very high win rate and also claims they will provide 24/7 customer support.

What they lack is proof of the performance which is being touted on their website.

The Conclusion

We don’t encourage taking signals from WolfX Signals because they don’t seem legitimate. If you want trading signals that make profit, please find an appropriate signals service on this list of trading services.

10 Responses to “Wolfx Signals Review: It’s a Scam (wolfxsignals.com)”

  1. Tony says:

    They lie badly in the free channel to lure people in .. noting 3% wins when you lost 60% by the stoploss they advised
    This group is not honest with their advertising and should be considered as scam

  2. Jonas says:

    Scam! Scam! Watchout on their high returns investment plans!!! Admin just blocked you out, and kicked you from channel wolfx signals

  3. SPQR. says:

    A huge scam, very few signals and very expensive. Big losses and little profits in scalping. Sometimes it seems that the signals are passed by a small child. On his public Telegram channel he advertises a lot about huge weekly earnings. Fake. If you don’t pay attention to the group’s autotrading you can lose your entire portfolio in less than a month.

  4. Mmahmed says:

    Wolfx signal, Gideon SmartFx
    Scam! they show high returns investment plans and ask us to deposit a fee to release. then they ask to deposit more and more giving some logic that we dint deposit enough so we have to deposit again full amount. they are using this website https://tradewavefxt.com/ to create an account. and this website is also fake.

  5. ken says:

    scam, was very nicely scammed , dont have anything to do with wolf forex. they delete you so you cannot make any comments

  6. Kris says:

    Hello ! I made a promo plan investment on Wolfx signals for $300 and then it says another deposit of $300 because my account is not fully completed. I haven’t heard of such procedures before and I would like to know someone’s opinion who may have already been “caught”

    1. TheAdmin says:

      No, that’s a scam!

    2. Mohammed Sani Shehu says:

      They scammed me with certificate fees with 15 percent and lastly signature fees to withdraw investment.huge scam be careful

  7. Yaseer shah says:

    They have a scam investment going on and once they have profits, they request more money to release the profits! Watch out!!!!

    1. TheAdmin says:

      What is the name of the new website where they do the scam at?

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