Wise Investment Review: Is wiseinvestment.co.uk a Scam?

Welcome to Wise Investment review. Wise Investment peddles wealth management and financial planning services to residents of the UK and globally at large.

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Wiseinvestment.co.uk claims that they’ve been around since 1992 but according to Wayback machine, their official website was registered in 1999 and started offering financial services in 2000.

Wise Investment is part of a scandalous venture capital firm known as the Oak Investment.

The Oak Investment was founded in 1978.

While The Oak Investment started off as a legit financial advisor, scandals have continued to rocked the firm’s administration, which range from insider-trading to money laundering and so much more.

This begs the question of whether or not Wise Investment is a legit financial service.

Our Wise Investment review will provide answers as to whether you should actually consider this company a viable investment opportunity.

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Wise Investment review

This wealth management firm believes that they have what it takes to guide investors through the complexities of the financial world.

Wise Investments review Group

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They also want investors to know that Wise Investment is intending to develop long-term relationships which ensures objectives of the agreed investment plan are met.

Wise Investment is providing two categories of products:

These include:

  • Long-term financial planning
  • Discretionary portfolio management

The company also claims that they’ve employed a team of highly experienced technical analysts, financial planners and administrators.

As an investor, Wise Investment promises to provide the following:

  • Carrying out full review of your financial situation
  • Provide a full financial plan in order to meet your goals
  • Re-organize your current financial plan to meet your goals
  • Management of your plan and review of the whole process

Furthermore, Wise Investment wants their clients to know that their long-term value approach will ultimately yield returns.

As always, asset managers will claim that they’re transparent.

That is certainly the case with Wise Investment which claims (in its marketing material) that they’re honest and will run their business ethically.

Who qualifies to become a client?

According to the company’s marketing material, someone who has an investment objective and the right attitude towards risk will qualify for the services they offer.

Wise Investment review: The promises

While this portfolio manager has been around for quite some time, it does not mean their service will be viable to your investment needs.

Furthermore, promises are nothing unless they materialize into action.

The following investment strategies are allegedly being used by this asset manager to achieve maximum returns:

  • Ā Abandoning investments that have become too expensive
  • Avoiding investments that have shown signs of suffering permanent loss of capital
  • Avoidance of investment fads
  • Ignoring short term market “noise”
  • Researching and picking of quality and robust investments

Wise Investment and applicable fees

They’ve not provided their fee structure though they’ve hinted that they’ll charge an on-going percentage according to the stage where the investment process is.

We went through the fee section of the website and got the feeling that they were somehow vague in explaining what they charge and for what reason.

Is Wise Investment a scam?

There are several dubious investment schemes that operate like WiseInvestment.

It can be very difficult to know whether they’re viable at first unless you watch the red flags.

In our case, we discovered that WiseInvestment was associated with the Oak Investment.

They often say that “show me your friend and I’ll know who you are.”.

The same applies to this case. Our finding was not inspiring at all considering the scandals that the Oak Investment has suffered over the years.

Furthermore, we still feel that the firm’s marketing material is only focusing on vague explanations where they promote the service without going into specific details.

Lastly, this asset manager is operating in the UK and though they’ve existed for some time, we’re not sure why they’ve managed to escape the radar of financial watchdogs like the FCA.


The mere fact that an investment firm has existed for some years does not mean they’re legit.

WiseInvestment is probably a time bomb. It’s just a matter of time before we hear a scandal.

The portfolio manager does not have any investor feedback either.

We usually feel comfortable recommending companies with solid feedback from other investors.

Despite years of doing business, Wise Investment doesn’t have an explanation as to why they’re not members of the FCA and why they don’t have feedback yet.

Thanks for reading this Wise Investment review.

We feel that this company is not for us. It is not as viable as they sound.

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