Winning Solution System Review: WSSFX Indicators and EAs

Welcome to the WSSFX review.

Winning Solution System are a set of Forex trading tools developed by WSS Team.

Their website can be found at However, it seems this vendor is also the owner of which now redirects to

When Forex product vendors switch domains or redirect them to new ones, it usually means that their reputation has been ruined by customers who were not pleased with their products.

Winning solution system review

To cover up or confuse new clients, they must either do away with the original domain or redirect it elsewhere.

also, the official website does not say who are the people involved in the WSS FX team. However, the history of their website can be traced back to the year 2007.

The vendor wants traders to know that WSS FX tools have been back tested and forward tested and that with these tools, we can gain a competitive advantage.

They’ve listed 7 Winning Solution System on the sales page but it’s not clear whether these trading systems are EAs or Forex indicators.

Winning Solution System does not disclose their location either.

But if traders want to contact them, they can use the integrated contact form on the official website.

WSSFX Review: Overview of Winning Solution System

WSSFX is using a professional website but with minimal text to describe what they sell.

This kind of approach is quite common in the Forex market place especially with Forex signal vendors like Forex VIP signals and SV3 Trading.

However, this can be a huge disadvantage to both the vendor and client. Traders like me want to go into the details of whatever is being sold to decide whether or not a license is worth it.

If the vendor cannot give me a proper description in advance, I’ll simply close the website and move to the next.

I believe many folks do the same when hunting for products that trade the Forex market with great efficiency.

In this case, the description of their products isn’t coming out quite well, hence interested clients may not tell what trading systems they’re selling.

Additionally, WSSFX team claims that thousands of traders have chosen their products as their primary trading tools.

But despite their website existing for more than a decade, WSS FX does not appear to be a popular place for sourcing trading tools.

So this may sound like a promotional statement rather than a factual one.

Winning Solution System products

Winning Solution System sells a package of 7 trading tools in one for the price of $129.

Here’s a list of trading tools offered by the vendor:

WSS Auto Trader……Trend analyzer with auto trading and money management.

WSS Pivot Trader…….Reversal and oversold point prediction algorithm plus auto trading on Bullish and bearish

Forex Gold Trader….Trend following algo optimized for Gold with automated TP, SL and money management.

WSS Gold Trader….. Trend following algo optimized for Gold with automated TP, SL and money management.

WSS Double Trader……… hedging buy and Sell plus averaging with automated TP and SL.

WSS Reverse Trader………….. reversal pattern algorithm with automated TP and SL including money management.

WSS Trend Trader….Trend following with automated TP, SL and money management.

In addition to the above products, Winning Solution System claims to provide free signals.

However, when I click the green button which says “try our free signal”, nothing happens.

I believe trial is no longer active but traders can confirm with the vendor if this is the case.

Also, if am not wrong, I believe the above tools are indicators as opposed to EAs.

Trading results

Winning Solution System provides screenshots of but no links to redirect us to the respective pages.

The vendor has provided a myfxbook screenshot for Forex Gold Trader but the problem is that we’re not able to authenticate those results.

With this style of presenting results, we’re not able to tell whether the system is still performing as depicted.

Most of the time vendors of trading products will show myfxbook results for the specific duration when the product was performing well.

As soon as they’ve gained some returns, they stop trading the account for fear that the product will fail.

So what they’re showing us is the results of a trading product that performed well between January 2012 and November 2012.

Market do change a lot and as traders, we’re interested in products that are consistent in delivering gains.

Basically, what Winning Solution System is providing cannot be considered a reliable trading results.

There’s no transparency at all.

We hoped to see that Winning Solution System is providing links to their myfxbook account where they recorded performance but that did not happen.

Winning Solution System reviews/client feedback

The current website does not have any reviews or feedback from any client.

However, their now defunct domain had attracted some very negative reviews.

Complaints range from “support is not answering” to “owner abandoned the website”.

With those sentiments from clients, WSSFX cannot be said to be a reliable developer.

So no matter how they conceal their identity or redirect domains to keep business going, it will still be apparent that WSSFX is a corny website.


At first, Winning Solution System looked like a professional business from people who know about trading.

However, as soon as I start digging elsewhere to confirm their past history, I immediately discover a can of worms.

I immediately cringe at the complaints directed at Winning Solution System. Therefore, I cannot recommend any product from WSSFX.

Thanks for reading this WSSFX review. I’d like to read your comments regarding this service.