Winn Group ltd Review: Is a Scam?

Winn Group Ltd is a new broker that offers a wide variety of financial instruments for trading including CFDs. is claiming to offer trading in major and minor Forex pairs, Stocks, Indices, Shares and Cryptocurrencies.

They have multiple account types for self trading clients.

However, does not provide information about minimum deposits, leverage and spreads (for the self-trading accounts).

In addition to this, the Winn Group Ltd is a website that does not accommodate the popular MT4 trading platform.

Last but not least, they claim to be based in London but are not showing us their FCA license details.

Winn Group Ltd review

All brokers that offer financial or Forex trading services must be regulated by the FCA.

Any broker that does not have this authorization from the financial regulator is mostly a scam.

With all the issues plaguing, we’re afraid that your business relationship with them will eventually hurt you.

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Is Winn Group ltd legit?

We have several issues with this broker which will certainly lead to a bad conclusion.

By no means should people believe that this broker is legit.

The company is not authorized to offer any financial services to residents of the UK or people from all over the world.

It is very easy to register a company in the UK as this can be done at a virtual office.

Most fraudsters choose to register a Ltd company for the sake of feigning legitimacy.

Winn Group Ltd is also offering managed trading accounts provided traders can deposit a minimum of $10,000.

The broker is trading with a minimum leverage of 1:20 and charges 2% fees on these accounts regardless of whether a profit or loss is made.

In addition to this, they charge 10% on profits made in these managed trading accounts.

Furthermore, is restricting withdrawals in the first 3 months.

In short, they will not give you any money within this period and you also never know if an unregulated broker will stick to their word after the 90 days are overdue.

The way we see it is that this broker is quite risky to invest with.


We can also spot lies across the entire website of this broker.

For example, they claim that was founded in 2010.

When investigating these claims, we found that this broker’s website is very new as it was registered in 2020.

If they can’t be trusted with the smallest details, then don’t believe that any money sent to them will be returned to the owners.

This broker is basically a scam.

9 thoughts on “Winn Group ltd Review: Is a Scam?”

  1. I was looking to invest some of my retirement pensions, and I came across which part of eToro Europe group (Regulated)

    Had a great experience in the wing group VIP Dep, George Rooney had given me such a pleasant experience, and extravagant outcome.
    The results had been a dream for me and my family. we had bought most things we could not afford before the experience with Winngroup


  2. I did invest and now still waiting for them to close my account and deposit my money back into my account.
    They have shit customer service snd have lied about alot of things.

    Is there anyine that can give me contact info for the CEO or head Honcho as I will get my money back from them.

    1. Don’t hold your breath Kim, consider your money gone. I tried to withdraw two months ago but nothing

  3. I put in my $250 American, initially to the Website. Then a person rang me and started saying how I need to put more in so I put another $1000 American in. I needed surgery on my leg so I said I had to take it out, this is where it got ugly. I needed a lot of identification to get it out which I supplied reluctantly. Still I was unable to get my money out and the account has been drained so I have lost $1250 American, not a lot of money but still enough to annoy you.
    Also suddenly my Facebook account had been tried to be accessed from Virginia. (Can’t say it was them but very suspicious)

    1. I had the same experience where as soon as they have your first 250 they want more. I questioned them on some of the trades they had made on my account and could not satisfactorily explain them and how it worked. Once I said I was not able to invest any more money I was told I was obviously not ready to change my life. They said they would continue to trade my account but have failed to do so.
      If you examine their trades you will see all the holes and pitfalls. DO NOT invest. You WILL lose your money

  4. Same here. When you want some money they ask documents… want extra taxes…
    what can you do about it ? I contacted FCA and waiting for there answer.

  5. Unfortunately Winn groups is a copy firm of a registered legitimate firm. They have added an ā€œsā€ to groups and a ā€œcā€ to their website, and overplayed it over the top of the registered Winn Group.

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