WeToken.io Review: Recover your money from this Scam

WeToken is pretending to be a legitimate digital asset management service. It provides a multi-chain wallet which can be downloaded directly from their website onto a mobile device.

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Meanwhile, WeToken is using the promise of safety, reliability and ease of use as some of the strongest points of its multi-chain wallet. Furthermore, the platform is offering 730% ROI which they claim will be generated from Crypto staking.

The WeToken website smells of a ponzi scheme to start with. We feel that this platform cannot be relied on as there’s a 100% risk of investors waking up and finding that the anonymous owners have run away with their funds.

Is WeToken.io legit?

It is not legit. It cannot be legit when the website is full of red flags.

The company is allegedly based in Toronto Canada and they’re offering the financially unsophisticated the chance to ‘make money’ through a mobile Cryptocurrency wallet.

It then convinces investors to store different Cryptocurrencies inside this platform such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash etc.

Unfortunately, WeToken is just lying about everything they do for you in order to generate the supposed revenue. The only truth here is that they’re offering you a multi-chain wallet. This is an avenue for stealing your funds.

Are your funds safe with WeToken?

Returns are allegedly generated from Crypto staking. However, to earn from Crypto staking, one needs to use Cryptos that run on a blockchain technology that uses proof of stake mechanism.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cannot be used for staking. The other Cryptocurrencies which they’re showing us on the website are equally not capable of earning you any returns from staking.

Unfortunately, WeToken insists that they will generate revenue from staking. Another avenue that they are using to deceive you is in the Crypto mortgage loans.

The lender pays interest and this revenue is used to pay the lender. The scam knows very well that the target audience are not knowleadgable about staking and lending. This is why they exploit the naive and stupid to make them believe that WeToken is generating profits for its clients.

In short, your funds are not safe inside this platform. The thing that will eventually happen is that users will wake up and find that the wallet is no longer working or it does not have any funds.

They’re selling you a fake token

The scam has introduced its token called WUSDT. But WUSDT is actually a meaningless and valueless token that cannot be traded outside the WeToken scam ecosystem.

Because this is a very popular game in the modern ponzi scheme world, victims are likely to be talked into purchasing a large number of the fake coin.

When the scam eventually collapses, victims will be left with WUSDT and not real money.

WeToken.io pays video actors

The scam is trying to achieve legitimacy by paying actors to present their videos on the website. This is supposed to make WeToken look legitimate.

But it does not change the fact that this scam does not have any credibility. As a matter off fact, they just paid people on video selling platform to act out those videos.

This may seem legitimate in other people’s eyes but if you have been scammed by ponzi schemes, you should know better.

WeToken Review: The Conclusion

It’s a clever and deadly scam. The average person cannot detect this simple fact because the website is clearly designed to deceive even the smartest person on earth.

To cut the long story short, avoid this ponzi scheme because they are only going to steal money from you. If they have already stolen from you, you can officially COMMENCE THE MONEY RECOVERY PROCESS HERE.