Westravemining.com Review: Scam It is (Westrave Mining)

Westrave Mining, which can be found on this domain Westravemining.com is purporting to engage in Crypto cloud mining activities in addition to buying, selling and transferring of Crypto assets for their clients’ profits.

But we consider this platform fraudulent and the only way to invest your money for real profit is by using platforms that are known to help investors make money from Crypto activities.

Westravemining.com further claims that it is legitimate because it is registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

In the real sense, this does not mean anything. As a provider of securities to investors, it ideally means that Westrave Mining must register their securities offering with the SEC — no exception.

They further state on the Westrave Mining website that they use complex and advanced Crypto mining techniques and strategies over multiple brokers and exchanges.

But the question is whether Westrave Mining can be trusted because according to us, this platform is actually a scam.

Westrave Mining Review: Do not trust Westravemining.com

The website contains texts here and there which is basically marketing fluff.

They concentrate on telling us how they offer efficient and high-speed Crypto mining platform.

The website wants investors to trust them because they’re apparently asset managers with a registered business in the US.

The problem is that Westravemining.com gives us all reasons to doubt them just like Shiba.limited and Yieldfarming.com which are both scams anyway.

They operate like a high yield investment program where investors are hustled $300 and told that this amount which purchase an ‘investment plan’ with 6% daily ROI.

We have participated in Crypto mining before and so we know that 6% daily ROI is not possible in a Crypto mining business.

The crooks have also integrated a Crypto exchange on their platform and in our opinion, this further increases the opportunity of losing money.

Furthermore, these guys are anonymous. They’ve provided an address at the footer of their website which appears to be a generic physical address.

The founders are hiding behind the website and clients are basically dealing with unseen people.

Westravemining.com needs SEC’s approval

By offering asset management services through Crypto mining and purporting to generate a ROI, Westravemining.com is actually committing securities fraud.

The only time when they would not be guilty of this crime is when they have an approval from the SEC.

Unfortunately, this business is unlicensed and it is also illegal to partake in the scam.

What to do if you have been scammed by Westrave Mining

It is clear that there is no Crypto mining going on behind the curtains.

These guys are also using fake reviews on Trustpilot to deceive those who would like to join.

All of those reviews are 5 star rated, which is very suspicious considering that this supposed Crypto mining platform is actually a ponzi scheme.

Now, if you have lost money to the scam, you need to request for a chargeback.

You can get started by using the livechat function to verify whether your case qualifies for a chargeback or not.

You can also utilize the form which we’ve included in this review to request for chargeback.

The Conclusion

Westrave Mining is a deceptive website that will scam you. And there is no evidence that they are payout any ‘profits’.

The only basis for signing up and giving them your money would be the fake positive reviews which you may come across on the corny trustpilot reputation management website.

But in the real sense, it’s a scam. It’s run by anonymous people who are also breaking the law.

Avoid the scam.