West Global Investments Review: Scammers at westglobalinvestment.com


In this West Global Investments review, we will prove that the broker whose website is westglobalinvestment.com is unregulated and is a big scam.

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West Global Investments Broker Review

The broker is basically targeting naive traders who don’t ask a lot of questions before creating an account and transferring funds.

This group of people are the easiest to scam and this corny broker knows that they can take advantage of these people.

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This is why West Global Investments is making all the good promises on their website. They want to make you believe that their platform offers the best execution, pricing and trading experience.

Unfortunately, the red flags are still there, which makes it very difficult to trust this broker.

Is West Global Investments legit or scam broker?

We can confirm that this broker is a scam or at least a very high risk broker to trade with.

First of all, the broker’s address shows that they are an offshore company. There are all kinds of dangers that come with trading using offshore brokers.

Also, the anonymity of the people who run this website says a lot about the company. They are also not regulated as no licensing information can be found on this website.

Keep in mind that brokerages services involving a platform that offers financial instruments is something that is regulated across the world.

But this broker lacks the appropriate valid licensing documents to run the service.

The Conclusion of this WestGlobalinvestment.com Review

Trading with an unregulated company that claims to offer financial services is quite dangerous.

Furthermore, lack of information regarding the owers of the website or their physical address is also something to worry about as the website can easily be telling lies.

Ultimately these people are going to scam victims. This broker is no different from 44trades scam which is now copying XM broker.

We ask you to avoid the scammers altogether.

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